Human consumption of meat, milk and eggs.

By websupport on June 12, 2010 at 3:34 pm under Ask Miriam Questions
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Hello Miriam,

I want to ask you, what do you think about the human consumption of meat, milk and eggs?. What do you think about our relationship with farm animals?

Thank you for your answer,


Miriam’s reply: First allow me to apologize for such a long wait for a reply.

I feel that the relationship between humans and animals is one that needs to find balance. I do eat meat and eggs however…. I do not believe that everyone can or should. I think that for many people it is something that is not even a thought for them to devour the life of another. I know that every time I eat anything… I give thanks! Most people do not do this. Most indigenous people have a good balance of eating meat products and their lives. Looking at them as the example I dont feel it is wrong. I will admit though that the Tall Blond ETs told me back in 1988 NOT to eat RED meat for their toxins that were in the meat. Disease they said that was in the meat and not good for the body. I have heard this from other contactees as well.

My view is that YOU as the individual must ask the question of your self and then listen. For example I eat organic when I can afford it and try to as much a possible stay away from the unnatural foods of ANY kind that I can.

With love,

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