I had my blood changed by extraterrestrials at the age of 4.

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These real experiences are happening to people all over the world. Time to start listening.

Many people who have extraterrestrial contacts, began having contact at birth or early childhood. Many of us around the world who are having these experiences find out that our family members often have contact as well. In todays video I share a profound experience I had at the age of 4 years old. This is a profound encounter that has been supported and confirmed by other people as being real.

My book, Blue Star Fulfilling Prophecy is FREE to download from my website. In it I share many of my earlier experiences and how I too have struggled to accept this into my life. We are real and normal everyday people having extraordinary experiences. Time to listen and learn that there is much more to life than that what most people think.

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  • Lawrence brown

    I know they are real Miriam because I had contact with a dangerous entity when I was 14 or 15 years of age and also again nearly 7 years ago and I am now 65 years old I have seen 2 crafts one of them came last year and the same one 3 years ago outside the house where I live here in north east England. I saw 3 extraterrestrials outside of the house and took photos on my mobile but next day my phone would not work and the photos were deleted when it came back on 4 to 5 days later, the same thing happened when I photographed the craft, my brother saw it next day but then it went dead and they got deleted as well, they looked a bit like grays. Unless they were the young of another species because our Doberman scared them away from the house, sadly about a year later our dog died and I saw the craft again and that was last year. 7 Years ago i was stood near the road on a hill near traffic lights when suddenly 3 little marble sized green luminous balls rolled towards me near the kerb? they burst into flames and turned yellow, then orange and then red, they changed into pear shaped multicoloured orbs the same colours I have just mentioned green, yellow orange, and red and swept round my waist at great speed for about 2 to 3 minutes then everything near me they scanned the same then as I walked off they followed me stopped 2 feet above me perfectly still then shot off at a tremendous speed. I had been really ill and after they done that to me I began to feel better.best wishes Lawrence.

  • Anna

    Just wondering what kind of blood group you have now? And the rhesus status of it? Lots of love! // Anna in Sweden.

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