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I was searching the web today and as usual one thing lead to another and I ended up at the Monroe Institute website.  Previously I’d heard their name mentioned and I’ve experienced the Holosync meditation CD’s from a friend which are similar to the Hemi Sync CD’s that the Monroe Institute originally produced.  Anyway, I was looking around and exploring their website and went to the About section, Staff and Board Members,  clicked on Skip Atwater because of my familiarity with the Atwater name, and viewed Skip’s Video Play List.  If you like, you can go there yourself at:

I enjoyed the whole play list and was really struck by how closely the whole idea of “life after death” or the concept that “we are more than who we are in this lifetime”, paralleled my own experience.  There was one video called Healing; it’s about how Skip met someone who practiced healing and she explained how she used energy to heal people.  A few years later, he met her again, and her idea of how the healing worked had transformed into the idea that she was merely a conduit for the energy and that distance was not a factor in doing a healing.  Also,  the healing wasn’t only for a physical condition, but a spiritual one since many physical conditions could be mirrored in the person’s spiritual condition as well.   Time passed and she met him again.  You should see the video yourself to best understand what happened this time to completely change her perspective.

Beyond religion I belive in a creator of all things.  Obviously something brought everything around us about at some point in time.  People use all kinds of words to describe things and God is a word we are all familiar with, so let’s say God created everything and us at the same time.  Most of us, at least on this list are in acceptance of the idea of life elsewhere elsewhere beyond this planet or this time.

One of the things I remember from my nde was that I was told that it would be hard for me to live up to my full potential if I were to continue on in this current life,  at least that was my understanding from the event.  I asked to see what it would be like and I was shown certain things of the future that would help me make my decision. I consciously remember deciding to make the best of it.

What if  the beings that I “talked to”, are related to some of the ones we call aliens?   Years ago I remember hearing about how people had encounters where they were told to stop destroying the earth.  That was years before I knew about this group and a lot of other things.  What if they are all acting similar to enlightened healers who are mediators that wish us to live up to our full potential.   In God’s image.

Miriam’s reply:

I have had MANY MANY people talk about the monroe institute…… they are a great source of information. Thanks for sharing this with us as well as your insights.  Miriam

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