Indigenous Leaders of the World: The Great Gathering

By Miriam on December 18, 2009 at 9:02 pm under Important
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The Great Gathering of Humanity
Indigenous Leaders of Our World

We welcome our indigenous brothers and sisters from around the world and invite them to join their hands and hearts to ours so we may walk as one into the future.

Too much time has passed since we have been separated and it is time for the heart of humanity to heal.

The people of the world need to remember who they are and begin to live in balance with the earth once more.

Those sacred people who have not forgotten their traditional ways and those who are in the cities around the world that hold the same heart must now step forward as one voice to speak to the world.

The voice of The Great Gathering of humanity and the sacred indigenous people cannot be bought and sold. This voice must be available to all the people of Earth. It must be free, for all sacred knowledge and all wisdom is not for sale. It is a gift from the creator to our hearts and it is what gives us life.

The ancient prophecies cannot be fulfilled until those with the right intentions and the right heart come forward and walk together as one.

There will come a time when man does not understand the difficulties that he is having with money and the material world. That time is now. There are people all over the earth who are waiting for the Great Gathering of the Indigenous to begin. We are now ready to hear the instructions of the sacred people so they know how to move through this special time of change.

No longer can we wait for change to come. We must act as one to create this movement so that balance can be restored. The people of Earth are ready to hear your voices and we are here to support that voice.

We are creating a space to give to you, the original people of Earth, a voice—a voice that can be carried around the world. We invite you to share your messages from the heart and your instructions for bringing back the balance of life. Together we will create change.

These words can be created in writing or in video. They will not be altered or changed and they will remain your property. No one can use these messages to make money for him/herself. If the messages are given from the heart to the world we believe that they must be shared freely from the heart as well.

The time for books and movies is over. Many have come in the past to assist in bringing your messages to the people. Yet the messages have not been heard by many. They have been sold and they have been taken on as theirs, to own. These times are special and so we, the people at The Great Gathering, are here as volunteers to give you the space for what you feel is important. We give to you honor and respect as the original caretakers of Earth and our leaders for the future.

If you need assistance in any way to create these messages—even in the jungles and the deserts—we can send those of true heart to you and they will assist you to send the messages back.

There are many of us around the world that are working to create change and respect for Mother Earth. We are now ready to stand with you and show support in any way that you ask of us. The purpose of our lives is to be here at this time to stand with you and create the change we need in the world. We are from all countries, cities, villages, races, religions and beliefs and we support you.

We are calling all the colors of the rainbow to show their support to you—the true and original people of Earth. We are all from the stars and we choose to be here at this time. We are now awaiting your instructions so we may begin to repair the heart of the earth and its people.

Together we will reunite the two worlds and walk as one. We are united in our hearts now and can feel and hear the call to come together for the future of our children.

All the people working on The Great Gathering will be working hard to create this space for you to come forward with the respect and honor you deserve. We will carry these messages for you around the world in every direction.

Our intention is to ask for financial support through donations only so that we can then create gatherings around the world. Through this process we can support elders so they may travel and have meetings and gatherings with all people. These gatherings must remain free and open to everyone so that we can repair the heart of the planet.

Those individuals working on this project recognize that Mother Earth is calling us to action. We are here to support you and begin The Great Gathering of all people back to the heart.

The email to contact us is:
Phone: 928-846-4674

With much honor and respect,

Miriam Delicado
The Great Gathering

As of December 2009 we are still working on the website for The Great Gathering but it will be completed very soon. If you look and it is not on the internet yet then please look again in a week or two as it will be completed soon.

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