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Hello to all of you that have been patiently waiting for me to write a post or a comment.

Life is changing fast these days isn’t it? I know in my world it feels like I have lived many lives in the last few years alone. In other ways it seems like only a few days ago it was 2005. Where have the past three years gone?

For all of you who have read the book you know that in 2005 I moved from my home to my mothers to help her because her health was declining. Then in 2006 I had two car accidents only four months apart and am still recovering from the damage. I WILL heal and because I believe it I WILL.

It seems that many of you are connected with me in spirit as I had a number of you email me this week to give me your support. For what you were not even sure. The beauty is that you were all picking up on my heartache.

This week was very hard on me emotionally. I want you all to understand that even though I have great insight into the world here on earth and beyond… I am still human. People like me have such knowledge and understanding…….does this mean we are perfect? No. What it means is that we all have lessons that are put in our paths to teach us and GUIDE us to what we need to know and where we need to be.

After three years of looking after my mother, who has been bed ridden for the past year, I decided to put her in a facility. VERY hard decision to make. The worst part of this decision….. if had not had the accidents I feel like maybe things would be different and I would not have been pushed to make this decision. At the same time I know that all things are as they are meant to be and it gives me great comfort. I have no regret…for now…. only sadness.

I knew that the call would come any day for my mother to go into the facility and she would have to leave the same day. Well, that day came on Sunday. My mother left her home and she will never see it again. What a sad thought. I look around me now and I see her in everything. It almost feels to me as though she is already gone……….I feel sadness but I know I made the RIGHT decision not just for me but for her as well.

There we other things that happened that made my last two weeks very very difficult.

Please remember that I am just like you. WE are all in this together…….life is what we make it and no matter what the situation…….. we grow and become a more knowledgeable and hopefully spiritual person as a result.

I have been blessed. Spending the last three years with my mother gave me a gift that I know will touch my heart in ways I can not even imagine now. The biggest sadness for me is knowing that my mother will not have her last breath in her home with me at her side.

Life….must end for us all at some point……LIVE each day as though it is your last. No regrets……. tell those you love how you feel…. and walk this life with an open heart.

The Universe has other plans for me now. I will be leaving to go to Hopi again in afew weeks. While in the four corners area I will visit with friends and I may even have some lectures while I am there. I don’t know how long I will be there but I do know that I will come back to my mothers home and at that point I will have to decide what comes next.

It is time for me to step back into the flow…..the flow of life…to allow my spirit to guide me and show me the way. I trust….. in the Universe…..myself… spirit…my soul…. to show me the way……….

Thank you for being here! I will be posting some new info soon. By the way, check out the new page……..Alien Craft…. it may interest you. A special thank you to Kej, who I asked to watch the site while I was taking care of getting my mother settled.

With much love and gratitude,


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