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Miriam will be adding new photos and media to this section of the website from time to time.
So check back so you don’t miss any new posts. 

Miriam Delicado: Blue Star Prophecy
Miriam Delicado: Sao Paulo Brazil 2015
Sao Paulo 2015 Touching the earth and the tree.
Miriam Delicado
Sao Paulo 2015 UFO Group. AMAZING people!
Miriam Delicado, Princess Kaoru Nakamaru 2015
Miriam Delicado and Princess Kaoru Nakamaru meeting in LA 2015.

Miriam Delicado, Princess Kaoru Nakamaru and Kerry Cassidy Interview 2015

Miriam Delicado Sedona UFO Contactee
Sedona Arizona: Miriam Delicado 2015
Miriam Delicado: Blue Star Prophecy: Media
(Photo by: Renata Chede)
Miriam Delicado: Media Extraterrestrial Contactee
(Photo by: Renata Chede)
Miriam Delicado South Africa
South African Bushman Leader Dawid Kruiper. He is now in the other world. 2009
Miriam Delicado
Hiking in Colombian Mountains. Very hot!!!
Miriam Delicado
Hiking in Colombian Mountains 2012.
Miriam Delicado : South Africa 2009
Touching the earth in South Africa 2009
Miriam Delicado: Media
Miriam Delicado at the river bed near my home.
Blue Star Prophecy: Logo: Miriam Delicado
Miriam Delicado light being
Miriam fun photo of light being!
Miriam Delicado
Miriam Delicado at the river near my home.
Touch the earth red sand: Miriam Delicado
Touching the earth in Utah 2009
Miriam Delicado: Extraterrestrial
Fun photo of Miriam Delicado.
Princess-Kaoru-Nakamaru-2009: Miriam Delicado
Miriam Delicado meeting Princess Kaoru Nakamaru 2009.
Miriam Delicado: Colombia
At night after hiking in the Colombian mountains.
Miriam Delicado: Hopi land
Miriam Delicado in Hopi, Arizona. My home....
Miriam Delicado: Alien
(Photo by: Renata Chede)
Miriam Delicado: Colombia Mamo
Mamo from Colombia with Miriam Delicado: Gathering with Elders
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