Miriam Delicado, Extraterrestrial Contactee 11:11 Phenomenon

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Miriam Delicado 11:11 Video

In todays short clip Miriam discusses the phenomenon that has been sweeping the world over, 11:11. What does it mean? How can we tap into the moment we see 11:11 to gain insight into our lives and what our path is life is. Deep spiritual awakening. It is much more than making a wish. It is a gift.

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  • JoJo

    Miriam, I noted you said many people ask you when disclosure will happen and I concur that technically it has.

    I think the term or notion ‘disclosure’ needs to be averted to ‘open global dialogue’.

    N.B In my opinion if individuals wait or need governments to officially disclosure then I believe those individuals voluntary relinquish their own sovereignty.

  • Kristie

    I am currently reading your book. It is so interesting, especially to someone like me that has never had any type of contact and doesn’t know who their star family is or had any proof that any of this is even real, although do feel there is something I’m supposed to do.

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