Miriam Delicado on Unity, Experience and Service (Conference Clip)

The the First Annual GIC Spiritual Activist Conference and Fundraiser was held on October 13, 2012 and was offered FREE of charge ONLINE on GICTV.
The conference features several popular and respected personalities in the “movement”:
Miriam Delicado – The Great Gathering
Joe Martino – The Collective Evolution
Roxy Lopez – The Truth Denied
Yvonne Wykes (Anela Nusta Shanti) – The Garden of Eve
Bernard Alvarez – Global Illumination Council
Derwin Sherwood – Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth
Power Prayer by Cathy Bilsky
Everyone who watched the LIVE event was able to chat with and ask questions of the speakers.
Archives of the event will be available for purchase at theGIC.org


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