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By godaddy on September 10, 2009 at 9:32 pm under Ask Miriam Questions
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here is an interesting thread i have to ask, i read a lot of posts and i have read the following message, can you elaborate?

“…My apologies for a delayed return, it appears some of you are under the impression that I am ET. I am a human being like everyone else born on this planet but with a recollection of my pre-mortal existence and place of origin. My experiences have included traveling forwards and backwards in time among other indescribable off planet experiences to other worlds some of which I am allowed to remember and some of which have been blocked due to the human mind being incapable of storing such memories.

Adversaries of this world are ET’s that have manipulated and controlled the vibratory state of existence limiting comprehension to higher understanding and consciousness.

There is a set law of consequence and action, what we collectively sow on earth we must collectively experience and reap. In order for the elite societies (servants) of the draconian empire to maintain power over material manipulation on present events they must keep the collective consciousness of man low and deprived of higher positive energies found in times of peace, equality, human gatherings and love, raising the vibratory state of consciousness.

I cannot answer all questions at this time due to circumstance but will share what I feel you must know about October 11th 2011. The earth will stop rotating on this date as a magnetic pole shift will occur. Time will change as you understand it, a transformation will take place that will wipe out most life on earth this will take place in a matter of months going into the year 2012. The elite societies (servants) of the draconian empire have awaited this time frame and see it as a window of opportunity to re-organize the planet and exterminate those they deem unworthy to live ushering a new world order.

These events cannot be avoided and must occur in the same way all mortal flesh must see death through blood which keeps all spirit bound, a world transformation of consciousness takes place, as a snake views it’s world in darkness before shedding of it’s skin. The old world shall pass as a new world arrives dividing those who upgrade from those who downgrade.” (credit to abovetopsecret ET_man)…

this person states that this is important….  my name is ron, from arizona…

Miriam’s reply:  Not sure what kind of reply you looking for. Reading the first part of this post it seems clear and then moves into areas that I do not agree with. I find it difficult to believe that anyone can give a date to an event as major as the one mentioned. I dont care if this comes from another person, the Mayans, the Hopis the Pope. LIFE does NOT work that way…… LIFE is ever changing and ALL circumstances in life make up the whole of what is to come. That is why we are given clues into the future but to look that far in advance…… I dont believe many people when they give such exact information. I know as I have had many many many visions and I understand why we get them and how they come. They are given to us to assist us in changing the path we are on. Once we even begin to do that the time lines change.

My advice to all people is this: LIVE as though you will have a happy healthy long life…… just make the choices that will assist in change for our planet and maybe we will change the path. It is  my belief we already have begun to make the right changes that will change these time lines.

With much love……dont believe everything you read or hear but keep open to all of it.

Love Miriam

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