Movie Review: Food Inc.

By Miriam on November 3, 2009 at 9:30 pm under Movie Reviews
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This movie is a must for people to watch. I found this film to be informative in many areas of world food production and consumption. It really puts into perspective how controlled the worlds food supply is through the FEW and how we need to be aware of the crisis that is being created by such control.

Many of you are aware of my focus on heritage and heirloom seeds and the importance of everyone having those seeds NOW. Well, near the end of this film they began talking about heirloom seeds and Monsanto. I was sooooo upset that I could barley watch the film. We MUST take a stand on this subject and we MUST do it NOW before its too late.

Food Inc. is a fantastic film that you can show anyone! It is not a film I would lump in with conspiracy films that tend to only be understandable by those who are already educated as to what is happening in our world. This film would be a great film to show your family and friends to educate them and you would not have to say a thing to them except : “Lets watch this film about food it looks interesting.”

I guarantee you that whoever you show this to will have their eyes opened. This is a film that helps to open the door to more people becoming aware of these important subjects. THIS is the type of film that assists us to bring more people into the circle of those that are awakened to the truth.

Please, find this film and watch it and show it to others.

So many people ask me how can I educate people as to what is going on without scaring them off. This film is a tool you can use on those people that you are not sure how to approach things with. It is an excellent door opener.

Monsanto, educate yourself! Monsanto, the end of your right to food. Monsanto, the destroyer of eco systems and freedom. Food…… and who controls it controls YOU! Your health, your right to life and more. Get your seeds NOW.

With Love Miriam

Food Inc website

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