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The events that took place from May 06-May 17th, 2011 in the State of New York were profound for not only myself but for many of the non Indigenous participants. A gathering of people from the tribes was created within a few short weeks. From Colombia the Sacred people, the Mamos traveled to North America to bring a message to the world. Through their movement others gathered around them to also hear their words. The Hopi also received an invitation as the Mamos requested the Tribes to North America come to discuss the state of our world. This was a historic meeting.

As with everything in life this report is one perspective of an important reunion of brothers and sisters from a distant past and it was an honor to witness their meeting.

Weeks before the event began there were arrangements and decisions to be made by the Hopi for whom they would send to this important meeting. It is with deep honor and respect that it was made possible for me to support their travel and accompany them on this journey. It was only through the generosity of others that the travel was made possible.

Hopi were met at the airport in Newark, New Jersey on May 6th. From there a volunteer picked up the three of us and we began to drive north towards the Catskills. Three hours later we finally arrived late in the night at Menla, a Buddhist retreat center. Just as we reached the gate to enter we were welcomed by two deer on the side of the road. It was a sign of a good beginning.

As some of you may remember, last year I traveled to the Sierra Nevada of Colombia to meet with the Mamos through your support. Once again the two people who made the journey possible into the Sierra were at Menla waiting to greet us. Rick and Sabrina had come to support the Hopi and the Mamos in the process of the gathering. Their presence proved to be valued and appreciated.

In the morning we were invited to the house where the Mamos were staying to meet them in a more private setting. It was a beautiful exchange as no words were needed to be expressed in order for them to understand each other. The Mamos were all outside walking in the trees and land around the home when we arrived with the Hopi. At that point the Hopi began to perform a ceremony to begin the meeting and we all stood back and watched as the Mamos came closer to watch the small but important ritual being done. Tears began to come to my eyes as this was a new moment in History as two ancient tribes reunite for the first time with such high level participants.

We learned later that the Mamos, Kogui, Arhuacho, Wiwa, recognized the Hopi as being related and as deeply connected with the Spiritual work from the Ceremony that was performed. The details of this will not be shared as they are Sacred.

After breakfast as we all said hello to one another and the energies of the people began to blend with each other. In the highest forms of Spiritual work, words are not needed to express what is simply known and understood by those who remember who they are.

In the presence of the Elders and those who gathered to support the process of the meeting we all met in a hall to hear the words of the Elders. The small group of Elders sat in a circle as the conversations began. Days of dialogue in sharing the same views from around the world; we are in crisis and it is time to restore the balance of the Natural world and return to Natural Law. This was the essence of why the Mamos came from South America and why the other tribes present were there.

By Sunday, all the people that were present at this gathering could actually FEEL themselves changing. We were all being moved deep within as we witnessed this historic event, possibly the beginning of something far greater than any of us were able to express into words. Many of us that were fortunate enough to be in the close circle of the Traditional People were witness to the meetings of Brothers and Sisters from the ancient past, reuniting for the first time in our modern world. At times the energy was so strong that my emotions overwhelmed me as I could literally feel the spark of the world ignite in positive energy.

The most amazing part of this experience was to be the observer of all the completely different energies that could easily be seen during these 10 days in May. To see all the beauty of light and of balance as well as those energies not positive energies could easily be seen. These negative energies would try to shift things so that the beautiful work being done would not be a success. There were situations that shifted as a result of these energies but they could not stop what Creator of light was facilitating.

In the world there are many Traditional People that still remain hidden all over the world. These True Elders and Traditional people remain on their lands following the Sacred ways of the Ceremonies. These unknown names and faces are the people who are working with the Natural Laws to guide them in maintaining life on our planet. Honoring our earth and all life upon it. These true people do not travel for money or for fame they remain focused on true Tradition and the work that is required to carry on those traditions and ceremonies.

There were three tribes that stood out at this gathering; The Mamos of Colombia, the Hopi and the Dogon from Africa who were all represented. All three of these peoples do not normally participate in any kind of public gatherings which made the event an important moment in our History on the planet.

What transpired during those days changed many lives of those present and I for one felt blessed to have participated.

It was the following week where the Mamos of Colombia and one of the Hopi were again gifted by Creator to allow for them to all meet with the Dalai Lama. The meeting was private and was not a long meeting but again the energies that needed to be exchanged took place that day. As Creator has been the great organizer, working with all those amazing people who played a part in bringing all these ancient cultural people together.

One meeting at a time, one voice at time we can restore a world in balance not only between ourselves but also with the earth, extending all the way out to the Universe.

For all the amazing people who were called to come together, all those who played critical rolls, all those that followed that call, all those that worked hard to not allow the resistance to stop the meetings, may Creator bless them all by sharing the blessings with the world.

The more we come together the more the earth and universe will feel us and respond.

Miriam Delicado

To read more on this topic with a message from the Mamas as well as a photo with Dalai Lama: CLICK HERE

Thank you for your support, allowing for the work to continue.

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