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Hello everyone,

 Once again this is a quick note to check in with you all. I am in the Vegas airport waiting to board a plane that will take me to California! My time in the Southwest has come to an end for the time being.

I had the most amazing time in Hopi land and I was also in Zuni as well.

The trip to Zuni was at the last minute and it was FAST…. I only stayed for about 12 hours. It was perfect timing as well. When I arrived my contact there welcomed me and I was fortunate enough to have a traditional dinner with him and his family. It was DELICIOUS!

After dinner I was able to watch some of the traditional dances as they were having night dances as well. It was beautiful! The Kachinas were all out and it was great to see so many of them as they dances and sang all over the village. It was an experience I will not forget.

The Kachinas are similar to Hopi Kachinas but I am not the person to tell you how. That would be up to them.

I left Hopi early last night and drove to Vegas. Leaving was sad for me as it usually is but this time even more so. Every time I go there I make new friends. This time I was fortunate to stay with a Hopi family and they were simply wonderful to me making me feel like family. I learned that this is the traditional way… to treat guests as family in the home.

 I wish I could share with all of you more details of my journey but I must respect the private conversations I have with friends. I will however give you more details when I can and once I get home as well.

I am going to sign off……..

Love Miriam

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