Orbs in the sky–that look like round floating balls can be different colours

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This type of Orb is the kind I talk about in my book and lectures.

They are PHYSICAL orbs. What I mean is…… you don’t need any device to see them. If we were having a back yard barbecue and I looked up I would see what looked like a “soft ball” floating in the sky.

If I then told all of you to look up as I pointed to the sky every single one of you would see the exact same thing.

If there were 20 cameras both SLR cameras as well as digital cameras they would all be pointed to the same spot and the pictures would be taken. As long as they were not too far away they would appear like a ball in the sky. Every picture would show the exact same object in the exact same positon and they would all appear to be the same color. You can not see through this type of orb.

Now these type of orbs are featured in some Youtube films. If you go to my links page and read it you will find a write up about some of the  Youtube film that has been captured on this type of orb.

These are the ones that have been seen in Mexico for years. They are sometimes seen as a single orb or in fleets of orbs.

If they are alone or in a fleet of orbs they do not float as lets say a balloon would. A balloon or any other object that is picked up by the air and the wind does not move in a clear pattern or path. A balloon would bounce around and jump up and down with no consistency.

The speed of an orb on the other hand is consistent. It moves in an intelligent manner. If there is more than one then they will often stay in a formation moving with precise movement with the other orbs.

They can stop in midair and just sit there not moving at all. If there is a fleet of them they all stop at the same exact moment. Then when they finally begin to move again they will all begin to move at the same time.

These orbs can and do have the ability to hide themselves. If they don’t want to be seen they wont be.

The type of orb I am talking about look like a ball about the size of a softball or baseball. They are seen as being green, red, blue and silver. I myself have seen the blue, silver and green ones.

Don’t get confused by the information being put out there about orbs. The first thing you need to ask is; What kind of orb are they talking about?

Then you need to research and listen to your own self as to what they are. THINK about what you are being told and don’t get caught up in any hype.

The blue orbs are used to look for people or give a person information.

Red orbs… I was told by a couple of people they believe they are there to warn the person of danger. I have not encountered this type so I really don’t know.

Green and silver orbs have several tasks to perform. The green orbs take samples of the air, water, soil and such. The silver take samples of the more technical things like wind, temp, sun and so on.

All orbs can be used for other tasks that they normally don’t do. For example a green orb can give a message and a blue one can take a sample but in general they each have specific tasks.

Now, who has these orbs?

The aliens of course…….. but do others have them as well?

I don’t want to get into this area too much but I think there are people out there that have reverse engineered this type of equipment as well. So, be careful….. as the aliens always say to me…things are not as they appear to be.


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  • Allreadbeach

    Thank you for sharing, I agree that it is important to ask yourself what do you feel and sense in these encounters. Last night I dreamt of floating black orbs in the sky and when I asked in the dream what they were… I was told black Saturn orbs. They looked to eclipse the sun at one point but as they came closer they were much smaller maybe the size of a soccer ball. They were ‘conscious’ it seemed. Fast moving and some of them in clusters. In the dream I had a sense to not spend too much time in their presence and ran in the house. I’ve never seen or heard of such a thing in waking life, could these be a real thing?

  • melissa

    What about a black orb. I saw one yesterday and im not sure why it was there.



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