Orbs in the sky that look like stars

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So….here we are sitting at a pool-deck in the back yard having a barbecue. It’s hot and we are all relaxed and enjoying the afternoon together.

 Now…we are all doing what we do a bbq. The sky is bright blue and the sun is hot. No clouds in the sky….or maybe just one that is puffy white.

  I lay down at the pool and as I do I am now looking up to the sky. There….. I see what looks exactly like a star in the afternoon sky! My first thought would not even register as I glanced past it. Then a split second later my mind registers that the “star” should not be out in the middle of the day.

 If I yell at everyone to look up……. as you all join me to see this remarkable “star” it is sitting in a fixed position just above the rooftop of the next house over. We all grab our cameras and take pictures of this. We are all looking at the same object.

Then all of a sudden it begins to move coming closer to our pool barbecue. We ALL gasp at the same time because we are all looking at the same PHYSICAL “star orb” as I call them.

Now this star orb can make itself invisible if it wants to but at this moment it has allowed us to see it.

 It acts exactly like a PHYSICAL ORB in the last post.

As for what is on the cameras film. Depending on how large they are…. if they are small then they will blend with the blue sky in the pictures but if you look REALLY hard if you knew where they were in the pic you will find them on every picture. The star orb will appear in the same spot if it was not moving and every picture will be the same.

If it is a larger orb it may look like burn in the film. It could look like  squiggle of a light line in the picture if it was moving or you couldn’t keep still. All the pictures taken would show the exact same thing.

These star orbs can be seen by the naked eye. No visual aids are needed.

These orbs if you get close to them you may have a very strong overwhelming feeling from them. This may be of pure love….. I know because I have experienced this. They may also give you a message.

These star orbs….. some feel they may be spirit orbs….NOT to be confused with the digital camera pictures of orbs on film.

I do feel that these star orbs do have more of an emotional aspect to them then the physical round ball like orbs that appear to be mechanical in nature. There is alot of speculation regarding what they are.

So, next time you look at the stars at night…. you may really be seeing many of these star orbs that hide among the stars.

In two separate encounters I had with the star orbs there was a large PURE white puffy cloud near by. Does this mean anything? Maybe. There could have been some type of craft in those clouds as they were very dense. Also these clouds were low to the ground where the star orbs were. The clouds were out of place in the clear blue sky on two occasions.

Now I have told you what the star orbs when I talk about them.

More to come….

With gratitude you are here…


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