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With my work dependent on donations every dollar given is received with gratitude and appreciation for the gift. It allows me to keep working on The Great Gathering as well as building bridges beween people. Such as the Dogon meeting the Hopi. As well as the Hopi meeting with the Mamos of Colombia. YOU all make this possible. Donations of ANY size will receive a PDF download of my book BLUE STAR FULFILLING PROPHECY. This will allow me to continue the work and pay for my expenses. Thank you to each of you who can see that we as a community can support each other in what every way we are able to. Through volunteering, giving financial support or even physical support to those who are working not only in the public eye but those who are doing the work …. to create change in our world. Whatever it is that YOU do….. it all makes the web of life stronger as we work towards brining in a balanced way of life here on earth.

Life around us is changing very quickly and the economic pressure we are all faced with is a part of the global change that is taking place around the world. This is one aspect of life that must change if we are to move into a world in balance. The question reamins how we will be proceed from here? Will it take total economic collapse around the globe to move into this transition? There is speculations upon speculations as to what will happen next. Will we have the one world order that so many people believe? I pray from my heart that this does not take place with the current systems we have in place to keep the rich getting richer and the rest of us going deeper into despair.

Keep the faith that every step we are moving through will bring us to TRUTH and change. People ask me every day what can I do?

There are many small steps YOU can take to make change in this world to support the process.

-Plant a garden.
-Use heritage and heirloom seeds – collect seeds at the end of the year.
-give financially to those who are working towards change if you are able to.
-volunteer with projects that you see are educating others or creating change.
-share what you have learned with your spiritual growth- be gentle with those around you…… when sharing…
-stop using plastic products as much as possible.
-If you can…. STOP USING BOTTLED WATER. ( Yes even I buy them but if I try to NOT do this as it makes the Corporations make us PAY for a HUMAN RIGHT to WATER.
-when you meditate or pray – imagine the world and then send this image to the world through the earth, the air and the universe
-TOUCH the earth – allow the earth to touch you back- communication with the natural world is a step towards change.

Change will come from the PEOPLE…….. and that means change will come from YOU……

WE are creating change …. one step at a time.

with much gratitude and love,

Thank you for your support. It is only through your generosity that the work is able to continue.

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Your generous donations make it possible for Bluestar to continue her work. Thank you for your support.

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UPDATE: Oct 13-2014 Thank you to everyone who gave donations last month while I was traveling in Colombia. I was literally supported by a small handful of people, one in particular, Sam, made it possible for me to have a safe and supported trip near the end of the journey. Returning on Oct 15th to Canada after which reports will be shared on this website as well as on the great gathering site, along with private reports for everyone who donated. With love and gratitude, Miriam DONATE HERE