By godaddy on May 22, 2008 at 5:29 pm under Ask Miriam Questions
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Dear Miriam,

PLEASE help me.

I am 59 and fear living in my present area, with my grown son,  close to Mississippi River in Missouri and feel it is an unsafe area (also near Madrid fault line).  My daughter & family will be moving to Jacksonville, N.C., in 9/08, very close to the ocean, another unsafe area.  Neither my son or daughter plan to move.

I bought your book & others’ books who talk of the coming changes and deeply believe they are coming.  I feel a need to move to mountains between them where I think it’s safe, and hope/pray that when the time gets close they will join me.  It grieves me a lot to be away from the only family I have and love.  If I stay near either one of them I believe I’ll have no chance of survival in earth changes, and they won’t have a place to come to either (hopefully mine).

I’m scared to start over at 59 in a new town, but don’t feel much choice with the changes coming, and I know I am moving out of fear.  I never wanted to do anything out of fear.

I worry what people will think of me not living with family, and I don’t feel I can tell them that I moved to their area for safety reasons, and hope my children will follow.  I have been thinking and worrying SO much how/when to “pull this all together”, and feel I am also losing time by not acting on this soon.

Any words of wisdom would deeply be appreciated.

Love, Karen

Miriam’s Reply: Karen, Please understand that no one can be responsible for anyone other then themselves if they are adults. We all make choices in this life and those choices lead us to our fate. Act from your HEART and you will be able to see what you need to do. What I mean is, understand that everything is as it was meant to be and you will be exactly where are you meant to be if a big event does happen. All the preparation in the world can not help you if you are not at peace within.

Let go of your fear. If you are not wanting to “start over” then DONT! Please, all you really need to do is educate yourself on what you can do to survive a catastrophe and be at peace with yourself.

If your family is moving to high risk areas for the future don’t give up faith that they will come to you just before something big happens. Believe!

Not sure if these words help in any way. Be strong and only do something if you are led by your heart. If  led by fear……. you are making the wrong decision.

Love Miriam

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