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Reconnecting Humanity & Earth” ~ Conversation with Miriam Delicado – Founder, The Great Gathering of Humanity

This was an excellent interview with Dr Dream and Ilya.. thank you to both of you!!! Miriam

DREAM Reality ~ New Earth Radio
Join Dr. DREAM, and his co-host, Ilya Nabutovskiy, on Tuesday, September 27th for a high-energy Broadcast with; Miriam Delicado.

Founder and Executive Director of The Great Gathering of Humanity, Miriam Delicado has dedicated her time, energy, and resources to encourage positive change and life balance around the world. Primary areas of advocacy include: the preservation of indigenous traditions, spiritual enlightenment; and interconnected concepts. Her focus is to restore and rebalance the benevolent symbiotic relationship between Man and Earth, recognizing that now is the time for all people to reunite into one heart, the heart of humanity.

This broadcast is sure to expand your consciousness – and as you already know with the DREAM Team, it will be lots of FUN!

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