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Here is collection of web sites that sell or trade seeds in Canada.

Prairie Garden Seeds

Seeds Of Diversity – Canada’s heritage seed program

The Canadian Garden Exchange (through Gardenweb)

You also have already listed saltspring seeds in your list of favorite links.

I don’t think it is enough just to collect the seeds and store them, We need to learn how to build soil, to repair the damaged earth, to put back what has been stripped away, food will not grow just because we want it to!  We need to get our gardens off “drugs” (chemical fertalizers) learn about compost, mulching and building humus in the soil.  Your tummy will thank you! 

I am planning a “Trial Run” so to speak this summer, the “zero mile diet”, (if it isn’t from my yard, don’t eat it) just to see if I can do it, and to see where I need to improve my skills. 

If it doesn’t work out…. I know someone who owes me a meal or two!!  ; )

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