Selling the Sacred for Profit with 2012 : Remember who they are …..

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2013 is here and welcomed with happiness: The idea of 2012 began many years ago in the ancient teachings of the Maya people. In recent history these stories of the Mayan calendar were shared with visitors to the Maya and then those teachings were translated, interpreted and shared with the world.

Sadly, these prophecies, predictions and interpretations were not shared with any accuracy. Books were written, lectures created, seminars to attend and teachings to sell. All this was not to share ancient knowledge but to make money and it put fear into people around the world.

As the year 2012 approached I was receiving emails from around the world asking me if we were all going to die? Would the world end? Where should they move to be safe? Should they sell their home and leave their jobs, even leave their families behind. Pure fear……

What I found most amazing is that people who claim to be Elders from many other nations and tribes also began to talk about 2012 and saying that on these days of December 21-2012 that the world was going to tip over and that many people would die. How appalling this was to listen to these Elders speak, what I saw was that they too were also manipulated into thinking this. They took on another persons teachings also and left their own faiths and teachings behind to follow the mass media and those who sell the Sacred. We watched the world movement of those who sold the idea that we would all have three days of pure darkness and that we would move into light bodies. This movement grew with the help of these “Elders”. As I witnessed this personally I was deeply saddened at the level of dishonor to the real teachings of the Ancient ones.

Who are all these people and what were they really doing?

I have always apposed this thinking and said so publicly on many occasions. The Prophecies of the Maya are not understood by even many of the Maya! These matters must be spoken about by those who have had the original teachings passed on from generation to generation for thousands of years. It is these people who understand this prophecy and what it means. There is great meaning in this prophecy and it is this knowledge the world needs to understand. Not misinterpret and then created to sell books and make money. This is what is wrong with the alternative news movement, and yes, I am a part of that movement. This is another embarrassment to us as a community when false information is sold to make money and it makes all of us look bad and at times even crazy when we speak of high level spiritual matters.

Many of us that were concerned about the level of fear that was being put into the public regarding Dec 21-2012 and we all began to make our own campaign to share with people information to state that this date was not a date to fear. All of us working in our communities and circles talked openly about this date being an opportunity to connect the meditation energies from around the world to shift the planet and humanity to balance.

It is time for clarity to begin. Time for truth to be know. Time that this handful of people who travel the world, write the books, sell the seminars on the Sacred teachings of the Traditional People of this world…. time for them to stop. They have no rights to do this and have proven they have no understanding of what they sell as teachings.

Remember who these people are and remember ….. do not follow any one person…. follow your self and your inner guidance. Inside you have all the answers to the universe. All you need to do is focus yourself and look within….. everything you seek is there.
With honor of the Sacred Life….
Miriam Delicado

Thank you for your support. It is only through your generosity that the work is able to continue.

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