Miriam Delicado: Media Extraterrestrial Contactee
Miriam Delicado Extraterrestrial Contactee (Photo by: Renata Chede)


Miriam Delicado for the first time since coming forward to the public in 2007 regarding her Extraterrestrial contacts, will be offering Intensive Seminars based on ET knowledge. 

– We will discuss intimate details of my Extraterrestrial contacts.
– What was the impact of these encounters on my life? How and why it is important for disclose to take place?
– How ET knowledge can and does affect the world we live in today.
– Practical use for this knowledge to enhance your daily life.
– How to analyze and integrate ET spiritual knowledge and information to further your personal awakening.
– How to choose what kind of information is right for YOU and apply it to your life.
– How Duality and your Choices affect the world and your future. 

This Seminar will be led partly by the people who attend. With a vast range of ET knowledge to share from, the group will have the opportunity to be interactive, ask questions and create the flow of topics and set the focus of our topics.

Through this intense sharing you will gain skills that will empower you on your spiritual path.

Strengthening your ability to choose what areas of interest are best for you to follow. As well as and most importantly how to use discretion while learning and seeking knowledge from others and from your self.

I look forward to seeing you in 2018.
With love, Miriam

If you are interested in attending one of these Seminars in the future, please fill in the contact form below.

Once the dates and layout of the Seminars have been finalized an email will be sent to you with details.

There will also be opportunities of free entrance to these Seminars for a select few who do not have the financial means to participate due to hardship.

If you fall into this category you will want to let me know in the initial email you send. More details on this will be coming in the near future regarding how you can apply for discounts and for possible full sponsorship.

These Seminars will fill quickly so make sure you send an email now and get on the email list so you may be notified directly of opening dates.

Thank you for your interest in this spiritual knowledge.

Transformation….. is possible…..

With gratitude and honor to be of service,


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