So much talk about disclosure. 2008

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Talk has always been plentiful regarding the governments of the world disclosing their information regarding UFOs.

That talk in recent years has become stronger and being backed up by several governments around the world releasing their UFO documents.

My thoughts regarding these acts of disclosure come from my personal interactions with these beings. It would appear to me that the main big players in the political arena such as the USA and England KNOW about these beings and ARE setting a foundation for full disclosure.

 There is no way FULL disclosure would be allowed to happen at this point. The steps they are taking by first putting the idea of aliens in EVERYTHING that surrounds us such as TV, radio, movies, toys and so forth…… this is to PREP us……Now, understand that this is my PERSONAL opinion.

The documents being released are in my opinion NOT all the documentation these governments have on these beings or their crafts. That I think will come in afew years from now. Once the researchers of Ufology have brought to light all the information in the documentation then another wave will be released to the public. It is a pattern that I have noticed as I watch the UFO scene. I could be wrong…….. and again I want to stress this is my PERSONAL opinion nothing more.

There is just no way the power players in the world are not aware of these beings. ALL the beings. If they don’t have all the information regarding them, then they at least KNOW of them and have a basic understanding of who they are.

MY friends the Tall Blonds are known to many indigenous people around the world. It is also an interesting fact that many of the indigenous people around the world have been persecuted for their beliefs….by governments from around the world in the past. This fact is interesting if you wanted to study the way in which indigenous people have been treated regarding their spiritual beliefs.

Many tribes used to share the sacred knowledge about the star beings long ago but when they were being destroyed for their knowledge they stopped sharing this sacred information.

It is for this reason I strongly believe the governments of the world have been aware of these beings/aliens/starbeings…call them as you like, for a long time. The “plan” to keep us as society in the dark began a long time ago. As we grow spiritually the truth becomes more difficult to hide so the goverments must begin to share with the world what they know regarding alien life and UFOs.

These beings have a plan of peace. Not to say there are not some nasty aliens out there. DO NOT confuse one with the other. There is SOOOOO much confusion and disinformation being given to the public. The debate as to WHAT is truth and WHAT is disinformation is also a debate.

LOOK with your heart and you will know the truth. If you look with fear…… all you will see is the negative. Listen to what your instinct will tell you……. only trust YOURSELF!

Judge yourself…….ask questions…of everything and maybe one day we will all walk together asking the SAME questions and receive the SAME answers.

Love Miriam

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