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Hello everyone,

 Thank you again for being here. Before I begin I would like you all to take a moment and recognize where you are.

You are sitting at your computer maybe with a coffee or sitting in the comfort of your home surrounded by beautiful things. Regardless I want you to recognize how fortunate we both are to be comfortable, warm, fed, clothed and all the rest of the things that make us be able to afford such a luxury as a computer or computer time.

As I look out at the world my heart is filled with sadness over the millions and millions of people ALL over the world that have been displaced as a result of mother natures furry. Are you and I next? maybe! Give thanks for all you have as the world is changing fast!

the price of oil, food shortages and disasters all over the world are changing the way you MUST look out to the world. Be prepared. No one will be there to take care of you and your family.

I would like to take a paragraph from my book and share it with you.

Copyright: Miriam Delicado 2007 Blue Star: Fulfilling Prophecy;  not to be reproduced unless the full paragraph is copied along with the link back to this website  AND name of the book and author is clearly stated.



     We are in the beginning stages of this change. All you have to do is turn on the news, listen to the radio or read a paper to know that the world is a very different place than it was a few years ago. Earth changes are one of the signs that the end is near. Flood, drought, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, fires and wars—you name it—the Earth is now showing its dislike for the way we are choosing to live.

     These Earth changes cause concern in individual countries over their stability. How will they feed their people? How will they keep all the material wealth they currently have? How will they survive if another country shuts off their supply of products? Whether the issue is oil or food, the issue is the same.

     In those countries where food supplies are already low and there is drought and starvation our possible future is already apparent. All we need to do is look at the people who have already begun to kill each other over supplies and food to see how the rest of us will be forced to become unless we make drastic changes today.

     We as the human race cannot continue to reproduce and consume the way we have been without destroying ourselves. How much longer can we continue to be consumed by greed and decadence? In one lifetime we have almost stripped the planet of precious resources.

On friday there were four countries that STOPPED all exports of rice. They chose to close their border to export sales so they could feed their own people. This situation will only get worse.


Plant a garden and do your part in helping to save humanity. Even if it is only on your deck and one tomatoe plant you need to do your part.


You can possibly now see why I have been urging you to buy Heritage and Heirloom seeds NOW! By the time next year rolls around you may find it difficult to buy them.


Listen everyone, I can not and will not explain in detail everything I am asking you to do. If you don’t understand what  this type to seeds are then you need to begin your own education. It is impossible for me to educate the world on every detail of life. You need to take some responsibility and begin to learn what you can NOW.


Soon, with the price of oil as well as all the lost farm land, millions upon millions displaced and mother nature showing her dislike of how we are living……… everything you currently buy from food to clothing….the price is going to SKYROCKET! Help yourself, help your neighbour….. if you have land and are not well enough to work it…… ask your neighbour that has no land if they want to grow a garden and you can have some of the food produced in return. WORK TOGETHER! This is the ONLY way we can get through this process.


Now is not the time to become selfish. Work with the people in your life to attain some level of preparedness.


Now that we have talked about physical preparations lets talk mental and spiritual.


Now is the time for you to know who you are. Are you able to work with others? Do you respect people enough to be able to work WITH them in a crisis? Do you even know who lives around you? Are you strong enough to remain calm and level headed in times of crisis? Can you meditate to bring you guidance in times of need? Are you able to follow your spirit so it can guide you to safety?  It is time to work on SELF!


More is on its way as mother earth is  beginning to turn herself. Those in power do not care about the people of this earth. They care about how much money they can get from your suffering. Give them as little as you have to of what they seek. Do not continue to consume and give them money money money…..for what?


Begin to LIVE


Remember who you are……


Let us stand together in love and peace and change the world……




the meek shall inherit the earth…….


Love Miriam


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