How can I meet an extraterrestrial? Are you sure you want to?

The number one question I am asked is; How can I meet an extraterrestrial? In today's video I explain that there are several ways in which a person can have contact. They are all very powerful [...]


Russian Psychic Army Recruitment: Extraterrestrial Contactee Experience

As a UFO/Extraterrestrial contactee, I have had a large range of strange experiences. Attempted recruitment by the Russians into a psychic program is one of those strange moments in my life. This [...]


Archive: True Cosmic Consciousness: Bernard Alvarez and Miriam Delicado

On this Radio program Miriam Delicado and Bernard Alvarez will discuss: - Miriam's experiences and information gained through these beings. - Updates on ongoing work and recent health [...]


UFO Congress Conference 2015

My journey to Arizona began after having a dream about Hopi. In this dream about 15 Hopi people came to see me in my dreamtime. They came to my home where I live in the far North of British [...]


How extraterrestrial contact is changing the world.

UFOs and Alien Contacts are important for the future of humanity. As the number of contacts and sightings around the world increase, so does the awakening of our inner questioning of what is [...]


Changes we are experiencing

There are many areas of life that are in the full throws of change. Change in relationships, friendships, work and really any kind of relationship you have in your life. The way we communicate [...]


Four Corners Area and the Skeptics Questions

There is a lot to talk about when it comes to this area. I know you have all been waiting for more information. Let me begin by saying that I was told that this area in the USA would be one of [...]