MIRIAM DELICADO with Ibiatan Upadian: Brazil 2015

Brazil 2015: Miriam Delicado meets with a very special UFO group in Sao Paulo. This was a remarkable meeting and I personally recommend taking the time to listen to the whole video. It is [...]


Miriam Delicado: Extraterrestrial Contactee: Travel photos of Brazil 2015

In 2015 I traveled to Brazil for conference speaking engagements in three cities. In this video I share photos of that journey.


Miriam Delicado UFO Contactee: Sao Paulo Brazil Favela

During a recent journey to Sao Paulo Brazil I was able to stop at a Favela. These communities are all over Brazil. They are shanty towns that spring up in every city landscape. The contrast [...]


Update July 10, 2014 from Costa Rica to Brazil to the Hopi.

What exactly is it that you do Miriam? This is one of the most popular questions that people ask me when I meet them. It usually takes a few minutes to answer because I do many things, for many [...]