Russian Psychic Army Recruitment: Extraterrestrial Contactee Experience

As a UFO/Extraterrestrial contactee, I have had a large range of strange experiences. Attempted recruitment by the Russians into a psychic program is one of those strange moments in my life. This [...]


Miriam Delicado, Extraterrestrial Contactee 11:11 Phenomenon

In todays short clip Miriam discusses the phenomenon that has been sweeping the world over, 11:11. What does it mean? How can we tap into the moment we see 11:11 to gain insight into our lives [...]


Extraterrestrial Information: From Contactee Miriam Delicado

Physics as we know it today, has a tendency to look at the construction of our universe through the eyes of scientific understanding of protons and photons as well as streaming light. Although [...]