2015 Year of Manifestation Your Mind is Powerful.

Every year humanity goes through a ritual of questions and answers at this time of year. Have you ever asked yourself why it is such a natural and deep contemplation? Even when we don’t want to [...]


Moving from time of Choice to time of transition

For a long time we have been in the time of choice, however, now we are crossing into the time of transition and change. Here is a short 7 minute youtube video where this topic is discussed. May [...]


The world is changing fast now

Hello to everyone and thank you for being here today! So many things happening in the world these days isn’t there? How do we decided what the right decisions are for our lives? The price [...]


State of the world

Hello everyone,  Thank you again for being here. Before I begin I would like you all to take a moment and recognize where you are. You are sitting at your computer maybe with a coffee or sitting [...]