AAE tv I The Caretakers of The Earth | Miriam Delicado | Archive

Archive now available. In this episode of Awake And Empowered TV, Ethann Fox is joined by Miriam Delicado. Miriam shares her life journey from a gifted child through her physical contact with the [...]


MIRIAM DELICADO with Ibiatan Upadian: Brazil 2015

Brazil 2015: Miriam Delicado meets with a very special UFO group in Sao Paulo. This was a remarkable meeting and I personally recommend taking the time to listen to the whole video. It is [...]


Please join Miriam Delicado in a Live Quantum Conversation: April 20th

You’re invited to this free Global Summit Series to take a QUANTUM LEAP in transformation and truly EMBODY Love and Your Truth! Stand in your Mastery and Find your Power through living in the [...]


UFO Ammach Files Video Interview with Miriam Delicado

Ammach Files Live Video Interview: Exploring our relationship to extraterrestrials and our spiritual consciousness development.


Miriam Delicado Interviews: Virgil J Nez UFO Encounter

Miriam Delicado interviews with Virgil J. Nez on his sighting of a UFO and how his paintings reflect his experience, combined with his personal beliefs as a Navajo.


Spaced out Radio: July 25th Host: James Tyson

Amazing show tonight with James! If you are interested in a deeper look at how the whole ET phenomenon is connected to us then I would highly recommend listening to this program.


Archive: Feb 2014 Spaced Out Radio with Miriam Delicado

In this program Dave and I made it personal. We talked about some really deeply personal aspects of my encounters. Worth listening to !