Russian Psychic Army Recruitment: Extraterrestrial Contactee Experience

As a UFO/Extraterrestrial contactee, I have had a large range of strange experiences. Attempted recruitment by the Russians into a psychic program is one of those strange moments in my life. This [...]


Miriam Delicado, Princess Kaoru Nakamaru & Kerry Cassidy (Los Angeles 2015) (Hopi 2009)

The following story is about Princess Kaoru Namakaru and Miriam Delicado meeting for the first time in 2009, and how after years of silence we came back together.


Brazil May 16-18 2014 World Forum of Contactees

It is with great honor to attend this Conference in Brazil with many of the worlds top contactees such as Debbie Jordan of Intruders and Travis Walton of Fire in the Sky.


Awake in the Dream Radio 19-11-2013

Joining Laura Eisenhower and Dr Dream in this interview. Mark (Dr Dream) and Laura are amazing people and it was such a pleasure to meet them for the first time on my last trip to see the Hopi.


Archive: Random Alien Brain Droppings – 12-30-2013

Interview / chat with Suzanne Chancellor who is a contactee and experiencer herself. Check out Suzannne’s blog here. Listen to the interview below or go to the Blog link above.


Star Beings message for 2014 Miriam Delicado

It’s been a year since that infamous day December 21, 2012. The day that many took advantage of an ancient prophecy that many understand very little about. Selling books, created seminars, [...]