Brazil July 2016: lV World Forum of Contactees. Miriam Delicado Guest Speaker.

Join Miriam Delicado in Sao Paulo Brazil along with 20 speakers from Brazil and 6 from foreign countries. Contactees, abductees, witnesses and researchers in one place. July 2016. Limited seating.


Please join Miriam Delicado in a Live Quantum Conversation

Today we discuss a video of a UFO Caught on Film by Miriam Delicado. You are invited to this free Global Summit Series to take a QUANTUM LEAP in transformation and truly EMBODY Love and Your Truth!


UFO Caught On Film Dec 24 2015 By Contactee Miriam Delicado

Ufo sighting caught on video and it is remarkable! Shifting colors and shapes. At one point it looks like a being standing in the center of an energy circle.


UFO landing? Miriam Delicado Photos.

UFO landing? As some of you may remember, I shared a story last year of an amazing 'dream' where an alien came and got me from my bed. We went to the empty lot beside my house and entered a UFO. [...]

How can I meet an extraterrestrial? Are you sure you want to?

The number one question I am asked is; How can I meet an extraterrestrial? In today's video I explain that there are several ways in which a person can have contact. They are all very powerful [...]


Extraterrestrial Information: From Contactee Miriam Delicado

Physics as we know it today, has a tendency to look at the construction of our universe through the eyes of scientific understanding of protons and photons as well as streaming light. Although [...]


UFO landed at my home. Was it real? or a dream? You decide.

I had a dream last night (July 14) about four UFOs coming to my house. One of them landed and I ran towards it and then entered the craft. Once there, I saw some of the Tall Blond [...]


UFO Congress Conference 2015

My journey to Arizona began after having a dream about Hopi. In this dream about 15 Hopi people came to see me in my dreamtime. They came to my home where I live in the far North of British [...]


UFO Sighting by Miriam Delicado Jan 2015

From a very deep sleep I suddenly woke up and sat straight up in my bed and looked DIRECTLY out the window to where I saw an object in the sky.

Orbs in the sky–that look like round floating balls can be different colours

This type of Orb is the kind I talk about in my book and lectures. They are PHYSICAL orbs. What I mean is…… you don’t need any device to see them. If we were having a back yard [...]