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By godaddy on October 7, 2008 at 1:57 pm under Link Suggestions, Misc Comments
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Miriam, I just watched the interview through the Project Camelot site and I wanted to say thank you. It is good to know that there are others who carry the knowledge of the Keepers and Guardians. After awakening in the mid 90′s in returning to the place I was born, which also is a city that is built on a large crystal deposit, previously known as native sacred ground, my living library began to open. I followed my heart and studied at the local art school, where my inner knowledge spoke through my sculptures, of, the Guardians of our earth, Gatekeepers of the many dimensions, and the most powerful message that came was the energy of the Goddess/God sculptures. These Goddess/God sculptures I designed to bring an awakening to each soul on our earth, to give them the opportunity to explore and awaken the inner knowledge carried within themselves. Yes we can bring a change to the earth, we can bring more light into the dark energy, we can bring balance back for ourselves and our children. We need to give up all of our fears, and become creators. Create within ourselves, first, a daily feeling of peace, joy and love for all things. This energy will grow and bring the change you spoke of. Do you not think by doing this we will then take the first step to bring balance back to our earth?

I tried to attach a photo of one of my sculptures but I was not successful.

I have added a link to a blog site with photos of my sculptures


Love and light

Joy Moon


Miriam’s reply: thank you for doing the work! Miriam

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