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By Miriam on March 29, 2010 at 12:12 am under Miriam's Blog, Podcasts
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Mondays 3pm Pacific Join Hosts Miriam Delicado and Bill Ottman with guests from around the planet on The Great Gathering Radio, an active element of The Great Gathering movement and world event. This program calls to people working ‘from the Heart’ towards a better world and will include indigenous figures, scientists, global leaders, the ground crew, and group representatives compassionate about the Earth. 2010 is the year-of-choice for humanity and unity is the key to our collective healing and a peaceful transformation.
The goal is to discover and act on basic solutions to the problems we are facing mainly by creating and connecting Gatherings worldwide. All of this will be building towards The Great Gathering 2010 culmination in September, which will further unite us and help guide our efforts towards a more positive and conscious world.
The Great Gathering will then expand and continue to gather humanity into one voice in an ongoing effort and movement, as the power is and has always been within each of us to choose and co-create our future!

Miriam is the author of ‘Blue Star Fulfilling Prophecy,’ and Bill co-founded Gathering of the Minds, a multi-dimensional forum organization.
One Voice, One People, One Earth, for The Great Gathering of Humanity. Join us in taking the first step.

Guest: March 29th, 2010.
The Sacred Door Trail is a two hundred mile inter-faith pilgrimage trail located in western Montana that is dedicated to spiritual unity, peace and our connection to earth and each other. What is special about it is that it is a shared sacred path, shared by as many people faiths and indigenous cultures that care to support such an idea. The trail serves to reconnect people back to our original church, our original temple – Mother Earth. The trail also acts as wonderful bridge for the environmental, interfaith, indigenous, and peace movements to come together to re-establish our sacred reverence for Earth and each other.
The opening of the trail will occur in June of 2011. It will involve four days of dedication ceremonies and blessings for the land given in their own traditions by representatives of all the different faiths and indigenous cultures who support the project. The purpose of the blessings will be to establish the land and trail as a shared sacred space. Our current support for the project includes indigenous and faith-based leaders from around the world, as well as inter-faith and environmental organizations that believe in such acts of unity. This global list of supporters will be posted on our website hopefully by mid April.
The Sacred Door Trail

All Nations Prayer Summary
There is no louder voice, purer truth or stronger action than that of people from all walks of life and spiritual traditions joining together in the offering of prayers for our world and all that is Sacred. The act of prayer or meditation in any tradition allows us to create space from the inside out to affect change in the world. Today as humanity walks the brink of possible destruction or possible transformation our coming together in a Sacred way is more important than ever. For thousands of years humanity has inflicted upon Earth and each other fear, war, environmental destruction, oppression of the feminine and indigenous genocide. We as brothers and sisters of this great planet must come together now to face these wounds and heal them in order to move past such destructive behavior.
All Nations prayer is a four day global gathering dedicated to helping heal and connect humanity to Earth, peace and each other through silent prayer, sacred fire, fasting, meditation and celebration. For four days in September, the 18th-22nd, the energy and prayers of this event will encompass the entire planet. Currently gatherings are being planned in Toronto (Canada), two in the US, Peru, Spain, Palestine, Israel, Japan, and Australia, with many more possibilities on the horizon. This great gathering is a calling to people of all races and spiritual traditions to join together in prayer for the healing of Earth and of the human spirit so that we may step into a new world where Mother Earth reclaims our sacred reverence. A world where we hold Love over fear, Change over stability, Vulnerability over control, Forgiveness over revenge, Peace over war, and Unity over division.
Join us with Weston, Wormhole, Miriam and Bill as we further connect the movement.

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