The Khoisan of South Africa are recognized as a people, in part because of YOU.

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In 2009 I traveled to South Africa with three other people. The journey was one of the most difficult of my life because of people that took advantage of my good heart and at the time, naive view of people. It almost cost me and others our lives. Literally.

The details of this journey one day will be shared in detail but for today I would like to talk about a particular man we met there that we call, Chief Stanley.

This man came to the Hotel we were at in Johannesburg. Him and a handful of other San people. This is a long complicated story but for today I can only share the overall story of meeting him and the San people of South Africa.

On this trip we traveled in two vehicles with up to 15 people all San Leaders from all over South Africa. It was the beginning of them coming together to unify and gain their rights back as original Indigenous people. On this journey, I paid for everything with the money my mother left me after she died. It was worth every penny. It was the first time that most of them ever met in person because they did not have money to travel to meet each other.

It was profound!

We were taken into the Kalahari desert and met an amazing San Medicine man and a bushman. We did not have time to travel further or deeper into the bush because our flight was scheduled to go home and we had to get back to Johannesburg.

Myself and my good friend have stayed in touch with “Chief Stanley” and the Khoisan People over the years.

Every once in a while we have both pitched in and sent money to help the San be able to continue the work of unifying. It has not been much but every dollar has had profound impact.

Recently, I was given a larger donation. When this happens if I have food on my table I always look around the community to see if someone is struggling more than me and I share with others so they can keep moving forward working and not go hungry, like many of us do. You would be surprised…..that is what the grass roots people are doing, not the seminar tour people.

It hit me a few weeks ago… I MUST send Chief Stanley money. Where did that thought come from I don’t know. What I do know is that when I have a feeling or thought that strong… I follow. An hour later I was at western union and sent 50 dollars to South Africa. Note that I had not emailed or talked to the Khoisan for many months.

I got home and sent an email to Chief Stanley and told him I sent him 50 dollars.

He replied and told me that he had been praying to God for days asking to send someone to give him money for his people. He told me that he was asked to speak to the South African Parliament on behalf of his people but did not have the money to travel from Uppington toJohannesburg.. He could not believe that “ God sent me to him” he said.

That day I sent him another 50 dollars and told him to take someone with him. He needed support for such important work.

Chief Stanley spoke to the South African Parliament to ask them to recognize the KHOISAN as first and original Indigenous People of South Africa. Also on behalf of over 6,000 Khoisan over the age of 60 years and to return the land that had been stolen from them from the Colonizers.

In the beginning, the Khoisan people refused to work with the Colonizers so they were never recognized as a people in South Africa.

From the hearts of the Khoisan, thank you all for your support of them.

They were able to after years of work on unifying and coming together to gain their rights as a people, since the beginning of this process in 2009, Chief Stanley spoke on behalf of the Khoisan people in front of the Parliament, demanding to be recognized as a people and demanded the return of their land.

The Parliament then voted and….. for the first time in history ……. the Khoisan are now a recognized as original Indigenous people of South Africa and they have agreed to work on returning the land to them!

This is a victory for our community……. in unity…. of one heart!

Thank you to each and every one of you who contributes to this work!

They are now asking us to create a website for them so they can organize more effectively and get information to the public and their own people. We look forward to doing this work in the future.

Love to each of you reading this and may creator continue to guide us all on this path to the return of balance.

Miriam Delicado

Below is an update from October of 2015. An interview with the KhoiSan.

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