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Three former Hopi tribal leaders question Arizona Sen. Kyl water rights settlement. Click here to read article.

Watch this video carefully. They talk as if everyone wants this to happen. The talk as if peoples LIVES are at risk. They are at risk but not from not having water now…. but from the water they are trying to steal from the people.

When they tried to push through the “proposed constitution’ last year that many of YOU supported to stop…. they could have given this all away with just ONE signature. They managed to stop it. NOW President Obama himself has asked for this to be “pushed through quickly”. WHY? because they dont want anyone to know…. what they are doing.

The Traditional Hopi from all the Villages are extremely upset about this. They recognize that it means they will not have water for future children.

Note that the government of the united states says in this video and in the agenda that there is a PLAN to bring water to Hopi. This DOEN NOT mean that THEY will do it. It does not hold them responsible to make it happen or to find the money to do it. All this Bill means is; ALL RIGHTS TO WATER ARE TAKEN FROM HOPI AND DINE PEOPLE WITH THEM HAVING NO RIGHTS TO WATER… IT WOULD ALL BELONG TO THE STATE AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENTS. WHAT NEXT????? will they start to give them blankets with sickness again to get the minerals?

Thank you for your support. It is only through your generosity that the work is able to continue.

If the Hopi ask me to travel to them funds will be required to make that possible. I will keep you all informed of the progress.

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