UFO Caught On Film Dec 24 2015 By Contactee Miriam Delicado

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UFO Dec 2015 (1)
UFO Dec 2015 (2)

Ufo sighting caught on video and it is remarkable! Shifting colors and shapes. At one point it looks like a being standing in the center of an energy circle.

This film was taken on Dec 24-2015 in a rural area in Northern British Columbia, Canada, by Miriam Delicado.

What makes this film even more interesting is that someone caught a similar light ship the day before off the Baja coast near California. The links to those film clips are listed below.

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Thank you everyone!
Miriam Delicado

LINK HERE: Guardian Plasma Ship/UFO Follows us home…12/23/15 (Raw Footage)

LINK HERE: (Revised)Guardian Plasma Ship/UFO Follows us home…12/23/15 w.Photo’s


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  • Dan Grover

    i see them all the time Gowanda NY 14070

    • Cynthia Brissette

      Hi Miriam. Yes, I have seen these craft several times from my home and traveling home from work. And they are beautiful. Never really have talked much about them as I am sure you know why. Thank you for validation. Much love and light to you as you continue this work. Miss you.

  • Rachel Berkemeier

    That’s absolutely amazing!!!! Very intrigued and can’t wait to see and hear more from you! Thank you so much for all you do!

  • Elo Devi Heart

    Actually you should know one night I opened a FB link about a flight of small drones they were saying look like UFO’s. About 10 minutes later one came close to my home, with a loud noisy engine. It was much closer than what you are seeing, right outside my apt. I also sent it to a friend who lives nearby, and he heard the thing as well. I went outside and saw just what you are seeing only in pink and magenta tones, except it was very close. Its pulses. I have often seen these up I the sky and wondered about them. It moved exactly like what you filmed. Check it out.

    • JLG

      I imagine that if orbs are becoming more frequent and the Gov’t knows this, then they might want to launch similar objects to say that these are what we are seeing instead.

      However, I, along with a close friend, had an extremely close-up orb experience in 1992, long before small drones. It was in CA in July at about 1:30 in the morning heading south from the Central Valley over the mountains through “the grapevine” (I-5 through the Tehachapi’s). A metallic green and blue orb about the size of a bowling ball suddenly flew in front of our windshield (from behind on the right, my side, the passengers side) as we were traveling about 70MPH uphill. It stopped about 2 ft in front of us, above the SUV hood, in front of the windshield. Front and center. It was so perfectly matched to our speed it was as if it was actually mounted to the vehicle. It rotated not on an axis, but rather like a gyroscope. It almost looked like a miniature planet. The blue/green exterior was similar in sheen to mercury and as it rotated the colors “melted around each other” somewhat like a lava lamp. It was gorgeous and unlike anything either of us had ever seen (although we both were enthralled and silent until after it left). It stayed for perhaps 30 seconds (it felt much longer -like time had stopped), rolling… the impression I got was that it was “looking at us.”

      Then it zipped off and stopped again about 100 yards away and higher in the sky. Despite the darkness, it was clearly visible, although it gave no appearance of producing light itself. It was visible as if it was daytime. After another 30 seconds or so it switched to some sort of hyperspeed and streaked off. As it did, it briefly formed a teardrop shape, a “tail” if you will, as it changed to “warp” speed (that term now makes sense to me). It then shot off into space in an arc and at that point resembled a white light shooting star (this time it did appear to produce its own light – white light) going up into the dark sky. It was quite far when we could no longer see it – a final pinprick of light and then gone.

      We sat in silence for a few moments and I said “did you see that?” My friend, who dislikes mysteries, was crabby! she snapped at me. “Of course I saw that!” She really didn’t want to discuss it. But my imagination and piqued interest were ablaze.

      A few weeks later at a get together with some friends, only after a few drinks did she finally shared the story as she saw it (same as what I saw). Unable to place this story within the reality that they were accustomed to, everyone said “hmm, weird” and went on to discuss funny pet stories.

      But for me, to this day, that petite little orb was about the most beautiful object I’ve ever seen. A treasured experience.

  • Elo Devi Heart

    Wonderful! You are a real clear channel I too have had my visitations, sightings, and life experience that connects at times to higher realms. Love and light to you, Elo Devi Heart

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