UFO landed at my home. Was it real? or a dream? You decide.

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I had a dream last night (July 14) about four UFOs coming to my house. One of them landed and I ran towards it and then entered the craft. Once there, I saw some of the Tall Blond extraterrestrials. I also sat with an ascended master. He looked at my whole life, my past all the way to the beginning of my soul. He then looked at why I was here on the planet and gave me spiritual advice for how to improve as well as where I was doing well. He told me that the work was going well and to continue my focus. He said that everything would be provided for if I continued and then added some of his spiritual advice for how to support my work and life. It was very detailed and in color in this ‘dream’. This is the third time I have had dreams similar to this in the past few months.

This type of “dream” is not like normal dreams. This type of dream is as detailed and as real as being awake. They are in color and the conversations, settings and details give the impression of being as real as this world.

Was it real? My answer would be yes. However, what does one consider to be real and how is that defined?

Complex answers could be drawn from experiences like this. I prefer to look at them as another part of my life experience and listen to the profound and important messages they carry.

In this particular dream, I was told that I needed to focus on a particular area of my life that I have been neglecting. Mostly because I work so much trying to accomplish big tasks of being in service to others.

The messages we receive in dreams are exceptionally important and when we communicate with our guides, the Ascended Masters, aliens, star beings, angels, etc, we need to listen carefully and with thought. These experiences are a gift from the other worlds.

This ‘dream’ was not a physical encounter with the Tall Blond extraterrestrials and the Ascended Master but its effect is as if it was physical. People sometimes become confused with this type of encounter and think they are physical encounters, when they are astral.

This parallel world is very much part of our daily life and existence.


Every night when you go to sleep ask a specific question you want answered. Try not to make it complicated and start small. Small meaning very specific and is not a complex question.

For example: Tonight in my dream time, I ask the Tall Blond Extraterrestrials to come and show me the inside of their UFO. I ask that my guides and protectors are with me. Please Allow me to remember in the morning. (Asking for permission to remember in the morning is a KEY)

If you say this every night before you go to sleep and keep asking, eventually you will see them. It could take years, but it will happen. I know several people that have done this and it works.

What you need to be mindful of is opening the door to other worlds and beings that are in your highest good! Remember to ask your guides and protectors to be with you in the dream time to protect you.

Your dream time is a powerful and what you do in that time and space does have an affect on your daily life here. Use your dream time to ask for deeper understanding in your life. Practice this technique and I am sure you will find it makes an impact on your life quickly.

May you all have amazing dreams and journeys to other dimensions.


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