Water Crisis Hopi May 17-2012

 In Hopi

It is with great honor and humility that the Hopi have been working with me over the last several years. We have been through some of the most challenging and potentially damaging issues the Hopi have faced in their history to date together. One example of this was the proposed constitution 24a that the government tried to bring to the Hopi last year. This would have destroyed their ability to carry on their Ceremonies and Hopi Way of Life. Through support from people around the world we able to stop this from happening.

What happens in Hopi happens in the rest of the world. This is what they believe and this is what I know to be true through my own personal observation. They are able to call the rain clouds on a day when there is only blue sky and just this month I was witness to this for the second time in my life just in the past two weeks.It is remarkable what the ancient wisdom holds and still carries on today that we in the outside world are blind to.

In 2012 the Hopi people are faced with another crisis and again it is the crisis of the world. WATER and the RIGHT to WATER.

This issue is now being brought to the Hopi people through a senate bill 2109. It is extremely long, 100 pages in fact, technical and very detailed. You wont find a Traditional Hopi that can explain it or even understand it fully.

The issue of water is becoming the fastest growing concern for the future of this planet from people around the world. Governments and large corporations are taking ownership of water and we the people have no input into how this water is managed.

The view of the Hopi people and many around the world is that we can no longer allow these groups to step into a roll of ownership and ‘management’ of water ways when they are not being responsible for all life or for future generations.

In many places around the planet indigenous peoples are now having to stand strong and step forward into the political world to protect what they know is the life of the planet and protect the water and what is left of pristine lands.

What happens in Hopi happens in the rest of the world. The Hopi are at the Center of the Universe. This is what Massau told them when they first came to this world, this the fourth world. They were told to protect what they had and to never stray onto the wrong path or it would harm the world and all life.

Senate bill 2109 will take away the Hopi and Dine (Navajo) right to water. Giving those rights to the State and Federal Government for them to do whatever they want with the water. Sell it, poison it, waste it, but one thing they have proven over and over is that they will not MANAGE it, they will destroy what is left of it!!

For the past 7 weeks I have been out here in Hopi and surrounding area, here to support the people to stop senate bill 2109. The bill states that they will give their ABORIGINAL right to water away in this sale and this means that all future generations will no longer have rights to water. What does this all mean?

It means that if we continue down this path of greed and self destructive behavior, wasting and exploiting the natural world we will not have a future.

This issue is complex, just like everything else that happens in Hopi. When one knows all the facts it tells a story that begins years ago and continues today in the form of deceptive tactics and manipulation from the Hopi Government itself. This is my view. If you want to know what is in the news on this topic you can visit; www.traditionalhopi.org

YOU can help….. YOU have the power to change the world… YOU have the gift that can save life by writing a letter of support to stop this bill from passing the senate floor.

Please write your email of support asking Senator John McCain and Senator John Kyl to stop SB2109.

Let them know that its time for Governments to be responsible with life and by buying the Hopi and Navajo waters they will only be contributing to the further destruction of humanity with their behavior.

Ask them to come and sit with the Traditional Leaders of Hopi and Traditional Leaders of the Navajo to learn what they need to do in order to protect the future not only for all humanity but also for the South Western Traditional People.

Send your email to: shungopavi@traditionalhopi.org

Traditional Hopi will forward your email to all the government officials as well as local political officials that need to hear that…… the world is watching.

Lets come together and support the Hopi with this and by doing so we support the world.

After 7 weeks of being patient here in Hopi we have applied for a permit to film in Hopi for the purpose of interviewing the Hopi people. We will begin interviews this upcoming week and share those with you.

Traditional Hopi from Shungopavi Village are supporting this historic move towards interviews for the purpose of protecting all life.

With much gratitude the people of Hopi know and constantly remember how much support, honor and respect you gave to them to protect them last year. Please consider writing that email today.

Prayer and Meditation are also being called for by the people to stop this bill and stop the destructive behavior of destroying water ways around the world. Prayer circles that were created last year were also seen as a strong influence on the positive outcome last year that protected the Hopi people from loosing their way of life.

With honor to be of service to Hopi, to humanity to the Earth,
Miriam Delicado

Traditional Hopi have begun a basic website for the purpose of sharing this information. Please support them by checking in on what is new.


Your support is currently desperately needed to continue the work here in Arizona. Hotel costs, travel, gas, food, bills stacking up are in need of support. Thank you, as its a difficult time for everyone. Please know that every dollar sent helps. With much gratitude,
Miriam Delicado

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