Update: The Journey to Hopi Aug 2013

 In Hopi

I have just returned to Canada from being in Arizona for two weeks. During this time I had three meetings in Hopi working towards different projects that I am supporting. One of those projects is to bring Clean water to the Village of Shungopavi. It has been a very slow process just to get correct information needed in order to move forward on this. Patience most certainly needed when working in a complex environment. Finally, I feel we are clear on what is needed from the Hopi in order for us to take the next step of writing a proposal of what we can offer in regard to a filtration system to remove arsenic from the water.

Earth in Hopi

This journey had many purposes and the main one was to facilitate projects with Hopi. This also required me to travel to New Mexico to meet with others who were offering possible support. I was picked up in Phoenix, drove to Flagstaff and stayed with a friend. From there, one night in Hopi for meetings and then back to Flagstaff. The following morning I had to pick up a rental car and drive to Santa Fe New Mexico. Wow, was I tired by this time!

Arriving into Santa Fe I was greeted by an amazing woman who has been in contact with me for the past two years. We have remained connected through emails and phone calls sharing updates of the work being done around the globe. Small projects can have huge impacts on people, the land and the wildlife and this is what she was most interested in hearing more about. We talked until after midnight when time caught up with both of us and we had to sleep.

The next morning, that aspect of life we all know too well of chaos struck and this amazing woman was thrown into a very challenging and personal situation that required her full attention. This was a dissapointing moment when it was clear that we needed to continue our work/conversations at another time. So, the following day… I drove back to Flagstaff. Tired beyond words I stopped at a motel 6 and got a room to rest afraid that if I continued I would have an accident. (we all do not want to go through that again with me or with anyone!)

Arriving back to Arizona I informed all the people I work with that the meeting would have to take place another time.

A few days later I was invited to watch the Flute Ceremony in Hopi. Myself and a friend were taken into the Village and allowed to have the great honor to stand on a rooftop that is only accessible through someones private home. It was, as always, a Sacred and special time. Standing there watching the Hopi as they join their energies in the Plaza is when I always realize how “small’ I am in comparison to these people. How ‘limited’ I am and how humbled I am to have the opportunities with them that I do.

The Ceremony touched my soul …. as they always do. Watching the energy shift, change and become vibrant like in a dream. I find myself almost in a trance with the song they are singing… my body becomes alive and feeling like I am going to lift off the roof. Energy building and then its like I can see it expanding. THIS is when I always think of YOU….. the people in this community….. and my heart and mind and soul allows the energy to simply move through me and on to you… to the world… to the earth and finally the universe. Like being in another dimension when you stand there … in the Plaza…. humbling….. and always an honor.

During the rest of my stay in Arizona I took the rental car back so I did not have the added expense and only had one other day that I had to rent a car to return to Hopi when I could not use my friends car.

I did travel out to Hopi on a couple of other days to complete some important work and get direction and clarity on what work needed to be done in respect to Hopi that could take place from home here in Canada. During one of these trips, I had a chance meeting with Len Kasten, author of “Secret History of Extraterrestrials” . It was great surprise….. !

Here is the photo of Len Kasten and myself at the Hopi Cultural Center restaurant.
Len Kasten Miriam Delicado in Hopi

For the rest of my time in Arizona I was able to work with an amazing man from the UK who has graciously begun to give us support to complete the website for The Great Gathering. This ….. has been a start and stop project and throgh great challangens we have now been blessed to finally have the team in place to get this job DONE ! This is a huge … relief for me and many others since we have been patiently waiting for far too…… long…. with gratitude to Creator for putting us all in our places now to get moving!

Came home from this journey renewed for an even more clear path into the future. Great work being laid out with many people and the connections between different groups and people from around the world becoming stronger and more in harmony with life itself.

Sacred Hopi Corn growing now with the rains and support of all the Elements.
Hopi Sacred Corn

Hopi beans…. growing in the amazing sand of the land.
Hopi Beans

Thank you again to everyone who is working to support what is Sacred and supporting Life on this planet for the balance of all life.

It truly is an honor to be in service to others and have the opportunity to support and protect life along with all of YOU.

Your contribution enables and supports many people and projects that we are building together as a community. Thank you all from my heart… to your heart…


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