Miriam’s Video Picks

The three videos below each share important aspects of my encounter with Tall Blonde Extraterrestrials.

Enjoy watching these videos. They are a great overview of my experiences.

Highly recommended by Miriam and a must to watch!! 

2009 I attended the UFO Congress Conference. This was the second time I spoke in public to a live audience about my experience of meeting the Tall Blonde blue eyed extraterrestrials. This video was recently released on Youtube making it possible to share with you here for the first time.

This presentation may be from 2009 but it is a powerful video and I would personally highly recommend it to assist in understanding more about my experiences and some of the knowledge the ET’s shared with me.

Interview by kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan of Project Camelot in 2008.

This was a break out interview and my gratitude to Kerry and Bill for the opportunity to share my experience with so many people. It was a hard interview and what most people do not know is that this interview was also very emotional for me because my mother passed away only weeks before this interview took place. I was crying just before we started about her passing and had to pull myself together to be able to do the interview.

Available in Spanish as well here: SPANISH: Youtube: Entrevista del Proyecto Camelot, realizada en Sedona, Arizona, en septiembre del 2008. Miriam Delicado – Estrella Azul

Caretakers Of Earth Interviews: Miriam Delicado 09/19/09

It must be noted that this interview took place in 2009, prior to the series of +7 magnitude earthquakes that began with Haiti at the start of 2010. Here I describe these “cataclysms” being shown to me while on the craft and how “we will have a choice as to which way humanity is going to continue…”

Caretakers of Earth, Neal Sickles states, “Her experience with the ‘Tall Blonde’ extra-terrestrials is deeply profound and life changing. In this interview she recounts with such elegance the messages that she received from these star beings and reveals what may be the keys to what the heart of humanity has been looking for all along.”

“Miriam’s story serves as a calling for all indigenous tribes, star people, and the rest of humanity to come together in what she calls, The Great Gathering.”