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Hello Miriam I saw your interview with project Camelot, and i would have to say it was very interesting. But how do you know if you truly have these powers? Because i have had such intense dreams. Sometimes with just little things that didn’t even mean anything would happen in my dreams and then happen the very next day. Once I was actually communicating with someone in one of these vision dreams. And i don’t remember the conversation but i know it was very intense. And i promise the very next day i saw that same person in public and we just stared at each other then walked away. I would love your opinion if you think i have such powers, or if i could somehow learn how to use these powers. Because i would love to give a helping hand in saving the earth. And i would very much want contact with these blond hair blue eyed peoples.

Miriam’s reply:

If you dream of a person you do not know and then see them in the waking world then you need talk to them and you may just find your answer. I have had it where I have met people in this reality that I first met in the dream world. Does not happen often but it has happened. BELIEVE in yourself and you may just find who you really are.   Love Miriam

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