Weird sound what was it? Maybe a UFO?

By websupport on April 5, 2010 at 10:51 am under Your Alien Contacts
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Hi everyone,

I’ve just joined to post but have been reading the forums and Miriam’s blog for a couple of months now. I was hoping that someone would have an idea of what was going on with me a few mornings ago. I felt changed by the following, but am still not exactly sure what it was.

“As has been happening all too frequently I was awakened by a ‘power-surge’ aka hot flash. They’ve been getting so bad that I sometimes break out in a sweat, like I did this time. Suddenly I was wide-awake. I went to the bathroom then crawled back into bed, but sat up instead of lying down. It was then I heard a noise. It sounded like wind, but it was constant. I tilted my head trying to determine the source of the sound. It wasn’t the heater and again, it didn’t really seem like wind because of its constancy and the fact that I can usually hear creaks from the house and the trees moving. I took out my earplugs and could still hear the sound, except there was no wind. The house seemed to be surrounded by infinite quiet (as it should be at 3:30 – 4:00 in the morning), separated from the sound. The whole thing had become quite eerie and I decided to look out the window. The sky was a deep blue that seemed lighter than it should be at that time, but I thought it was perhaps because of the moon. All the trees and plants were resting peaceably – no wind or any other form of movement. I felt a crawling up my spine as the thought went through my mind that perhaps there was a spaceship hovering above the house. I went back to bed and eventually fell asleep. When I awoke the next morning I had the strangest feeling that I would find everything completely changed when I walked out the door. It wasn’t, but I was out of it all day, in a total fog.”

Any ideas about this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all of you :)

Miriam’s reply: I am not sure what you experienced. What i would suggest is that you go into a meditation over it and see what comes up. It does sound like you experienced something though. Sound is a powerful thing and it can control us, change us and make us crazy, heal and all sorts of things. So for that reason I suggest you go into meditation and ask what happened if anything that night. No one can tell you for sure what you experienced except YOU. So be careful of that. By the way.. welcome to the site…..Love Miriam

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