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Corey Wolfe Telepathy: Miriam Delicado
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It has taken a long time to create this website and I am very excited to now have the ability to share more of my experiences, insights and knowledge regarding the “alien” beings I call The Great Ancestors.

This subject is so complex and leads in every direction of our society, religion, belief systems, technology, history, political system, banking system, science…….. name a topic of our life on this planet and UFOs and alien contact is somehow involved!

So where do we begin looking for answers? Who do we choose to listen to? How do we determine what is truth? Who can we trust to go to while doing research on this topic? How do we know when someone is simply trying to capitalize on the emotions of others? Who, what, where, how, when…. and most important why are we ALL experiencing these contacts?

Every aspect of this subject is extremely complex and always leads in circles connecting one area of Ufology to other areas of the subject of Ufology. This makes it very difficult for everyone to find truthful and / or clear answers.

25 years ago when I had my major contact on the highway and was taken onboard a ufo for 3 hours, almost no one in the public knew about what a ufo even was! (conceptually that is) NOW…. almost every human being on this planet is aware of UFO activity and knows that people all over planet are interacting with these beings. In fact many people now believe that extraterrestrials do exist and are part of our unfolding planetary evolvement.

So, what is going on? Is this real? Why is it important to YOU? Well, through this website I hope to share as much as possible regarding my understanding of these beings. Also, I will be sharing insights into what I think, feel, know and understand about these contacts that have been taking place my entire life, since birth.

I would like to stress that I am JUST LIKE YOU in ever way. What sets me apart is that I don’t have the luxury of contemplating if these beings are real or not, I KNOW they are and must live each day with this knowledge.

No one on the planet has all the answers to this phenomenon and so we all must walk slowly with caution and care as we learn and grow together in understanding what is really going on.

We also must use caution in not making sweeping assumptions that these beings are good or bad.

The only way to find truth is to explore the possibilities and be open to what you may find.

My experiences have NOT been easy in any way. 25 years ago struggling to work through the initial trauma of discovering that every single thing we think we know in life is not as it appears to be, was, and still is hard even today. However, time has also given me greater gifts of insight into this subject that continue to expand with each passing day and year.

Looking out at the many communities that are now on line able to share their thoughts and opinions I have been witness to the massive disinformation and deceptions taking place. In saying this I have also seen massive movements of truth and clarity coming into the public.

Now more than ever before we must be careful we are not blindly following the wrong path towards finding truth, peace and knowledge.

My goal is to share my insights, knowledge and experiences with you in the hope that they will support YOU in finding truth for YOUR self.

We are all connected but this does not mean we all see life from the same perspective, nor do we have the same experiences or understand the same information in identical ways. In saying this, it is important to recognize that the truth is so complex we may not find ultimate answers in our lifetime. It could take many more centuries before we as a human collective find ultimate truth…. why? you ask…….   because we are not ready to ACCEPT that truth, even when it is right there in front of us.

With eyes open and mind free we find truth….

Miriam Delicado

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  • Alistar

    I am a traveler from the future and I have knowledge of the various extraterrestrial species in our galaxy. I come from the year 2062. The earth in my time is experiencing drastic changes in climate due to some sort of galactic phenomenon not fully understood. The extraterrestrials I have mentioned gave us the technology to travel back in time to solve this problem before it becomes irreversible as it is in 2062.

  • Denise Marks

    Thank YOU Miriam
    I have resonated with your stories from first reading
    your words. I am grateful
    for you and all I learn from you. I greatly admire your perspective
    and energy of beeing. Thanks for your honesty endurance and courage and serving all n the highest good. Kiichii miigwech niijii ~☆~

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