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Now is the time of Choice and the time to change.
What we do in the next few years will determine what kind of a world we will all live in and what kind of a world we will leave to our children.
Many years ago I had a spiritual experience that changed my whole life. A life that I knew if I talked about it I would be ridiculed. Every day I think back to the time I spent with the star beings in 1988. Every day of my life I think about the contact I still have with them today that comes in dreams, visions, meditations and sightings.
The teachings they gave me have guided my path in this life and I am proud to say that what they have shared with me and I share with the public is the complete truth.

Many parts of the information they shared with me in 1988 was about this time we are in and moving deeper into at this time. The time to turmoil and chaos. A time of choice and of potential. A time when there would be great hatred that would grow within people as more and more truth began to be seen. The opposite was also true where more and more caring people would step forward to begin making positive change.

During this experience in 1988 these beings told me that humanity would enter into a time of chaos. Chaos as a whole and as the individual. Both of these things are happening now and it is up to US as to how we will walk through this and what we will create for our future.
They told me that many people would step forward to claim they had the TRUTH. Truth of who we are, where we are from, where we are going. Claiming they were the experts, the Spiritual Leaders and so on. This information that was given to me back in 1988 did not make clear sense. Why was this important? Now, today, I see more clearly all the time why this particular message to me and to US was so critical.

Things are NOT as they appear to be was the message.

AS I look around today, I hear people claim they are the authority on all sorts of things from Spiritual “masters” to Native Prophetic Messiahs, experts on conspiracies, “projects” and so much more.
The question comes back to; Who are YOU? The only way to know the answer is not allow yourself to be led by any one person, idea, ideology but to listen to your inner self.

Peaceful co-existence for humanity and protection of our earth.

The Great Gathering of humanity and respect for all life is what I have chosen to devote my life to.
Not everyone will choose the path of great respect, honor and truth for ALL. Some will simply walk in another direction.

WE have to realize that every decision we make has great impact on the world. Small and large impact. Just because you only make a small amount of waste each week does not mean you dont contribute to massive amount of waste as a whole on the planet.

This is the time when all our choices have more impact then ever before on the planet. Our choices ripple out to more people, more of the earth. They are felt more strongly then ever before as well due to the changing electromagnetic charges in the human body due to the environment of the earth and the solar system.

Increased Solar Flares are having an effect on our bodies and on the earth. Feeling tired, scattered, unable to sleep, dizzy, emotional are some of the thing that you may experience from an increase of electricity in the body.

How do we deal with this awaking? Know that this time will pass and as we begin to adjust to this energy. Know that we need to be understanding of people around us who are having difficulties in these changes. Be a good listener and supporter to your friends and your families.

When the body has this slight change in the electrical body it causes everything to change. Your views, your understanding, your vision to name a few. One of the things you need to recognize is that your connection to your intuitive abilities may also awaken and this too will need time to adjust. Once it does you will be comfortable with this new energy in your body and your surroundings.

How to get through this time. Forgive those who attack you or snip at you because they may be tired or irritated. Be supportive of those around you. Be kind to YOURSELF. Dont be hard on yourself. Take time in your day for “just you.”
Meditation can help this time a great deal in allowing the body and mind to adjust.

Remember, that in these times of great confusion to listen within. Dont allow yourself to be astray by those who seek to gain control, power or influence for any reason. Question everything and find your own truth.

With all the confusion in the world today there are so many people who want to “tell you” the answers. Keep an open mind and an open heart. Follow your inner guidance on what the truth is for YOU. If you dont like what is happening in our world, begin to make changes that will change the world to be more positive. Be peaceful, respectful and know that you are not alone.

Love Miriam

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