Orbs in the sky–that look like round floating balls can be different colours

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This type of Orb is the kind I talk about in my book and lectures.

They are PHYSICAL orbs. What I mean is…… you don’t need any device to see them. If we were having a back yard barbecue and I looked up I would see what looked like a “soft ball” floating in the sky.

If I then told all of you to look up as I pointed to the sky every single one of you would see the exact same thing.

If there were 20 cameras both SLR cameras as well as digital cameras they would all be pointed to the same spot and the pictures would be taken. As long as they were not too far away they would appear like a ball in the sky. Every picture would show the exact same object in the exact same positon and they would all appear to be the same color. You can not see through this type of orb.

Now these type of orbs are featured in some Youtube films. If you go to my links page and read it you will find a write up about some of the  Youtube film that has been captured on this type of orb.

These are the ones that have been seen in Mexico for years. They are sometimes seen as a single orb or in fleets of orbs.

If they are alone or in a fleet of orbs they do not float as lets say a balloon would. A balloon or any other object that is picked up by the air and the wind does not move in a clear pattern or path. A balloon would bounce around and jump up and down with no consistency.

The speed of an orb on the other hand is consistent. It moves in an intelligent manner. If there is more than one then they will often stay in a formation moving with precise movement with the other orbs.

They can stop in midair and just sit there not moving at all. If there is a fleet of them they all stop at the same exact moment. Then when they finally begin to move again they will all begin to move at the same time.

These orbs can and do have the ability to hide themselves. If they don’t want to be seen they wont be.

The type of orb I am talking about look like a ball about the size of a softball or baseball. They are seen as being green, red, blue and silver. I myself have seen the blue, silver and green ones.

Don’t get confused by the information being put out there about orbs. The first thing you need to ask is; What kind of orb are they talking about?

Then you need to research and listen to your own self as to what they are. THINK about what you are being told and don’t get caught up in any hype.

The blue orbs are used to look for people or give a person information.

Red orbs… I was told by a couple of people they believe they are there to warn the person of danger. I have not encountered this type so I really don’t know.

Green and silver orbs have several tasks to perform. The green orbs take samples of the air, water, soil and such. The silver take samples of the more technical things like wind, temp, sun and so on.

All orbs can be used for other tasks that they normally don’t do. For example a green orb can give a message and a blue one can take a sample but in general they each have specific tasks.

Now, who has these orbs?

The aliens of course…….. but do others have them as well?

I don’t want to get into this area too much but I think there are people out there that have reverse engineered this type of equipment as well. So, be careful….. as the aliens always say to me…things are not as they appear to be.


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  • Jessica

    This sounds like something I experienced four times in the Sierras in California. I’ve had the crazy experiences with a blue ball of light that was the size of a softball the first time I saw it. I’m pretty sure it was a different size every time. This light seemed to dance around the same spot before shooting away into the sky. It’s so weird because it felt like it was communicating with me.

  • Shania

    Peaceful nights are my favorite and even as a child, I would spend my nights on the back porch just enjoying the quiet (I live in a rural town so it gets real quiet at night). One night when I was still fairly young (about middle school) I see this blue light about 2 feet in diameter moving about 4-5 mph south. It was just above the trees (they were full grown oak and maple trees for size reference). It was particularly quiet with almost no wind and fairly cool that night. The breeze was coming from the east and so it wasn’t something from being blown by the wind. I called for my mom (who didn’t come of course). When I talk about it nowadays she tells me that it was probably just a lightning ball, but for how close it was, I didn’t feel any electricity in the air. Makes me feel less crazy seeing how many others have experienced it too. (sorry it’s not aliens tho lol).

  • Sanjay Chaudhary

    17th October 1991. While chatting with friends, around 7.30 PM, facing hills of Mussoorie (India) , there was a huge sphere reddish in color, which might have been almost half the size of a cricket field, flew past at a great speed from west to east direction. Although we were 7 friends just 2 of us saw this, probably because we were standing in a circle and some had their backs to this thing. 19th Oct, I went to New Delhi to appear for a competitive exam scheduled on Sunday 20th Oct. On the intervening night of 19 and 20 I was shaken awake by a quake at approx 0330 hrs. Soon it was out that there was a quake in hills of north India. Came back to my hometown Dehradun on 20th morning. While going through local dailies I read some bizarre instances and events noticed by people of Almora , which was the epicenter of the quake. Strangely , Almora falls to east of Mussoorie, the direction we saw the thing moving. People recounted their experiences that early morning they saw a huge disc like red object hover above their place and their cattle sheds which were stocked with dry grass fodder caught fire. Read more than 10 to 12 such versions of country folks. Some separated by an aerial distance of more than 100 to 150 kms. The object flew and appeared at more than a dozen places within a span of few seconds. This was followed by a massive quake of more than 7.5 . People who were out of their homes to turn out the fires survived and hundreds were buried in debris of their homes. Was the first instance in my life. After arnd 11 years saw an orange red ball again hovering closely above grassy hills. Nothing happened this time though.

    • Carol pego

      A few years ago I was driving in my car heading home. Was about 8pm. This was a route I always took. It had been slightly raining. As I came down the road out of the drivers window I see a green the size of a baseball and low to the ground a bit. I gasped when I saw it and as the road curved I stopped. The green ball also stopped. It floated there for maybe 10 seconds and then took off fast and disappeared. I just sat there somewhat scared and a feeling came over me…it was someone who had passed away and there soul was leaving. Have never seen it again but was a beautiful green. I hope that I am right.

    • Susan

      About 2 or 3 years ago I was with my bf at the time. We went went for a drive on the ATV and stopped in this field. It was pitch black and you can see the whole sky. I seen a red, ball shaped object. We both did. It moved so weird and it was something I never seen before.

      It even like moved from one place to another. It moved weird and then is just disappeared. It made no sense. We were sober and we went home after that because it was really spooky. A lot of people have seen weird things in the sky there too.

  • Doug

    I seen a glowing orb about the size of a baseball about 2 years ago. It was real windy before a storm winds around 20-30mph and I went out back with a flash light bc we get deer in our back yard. I was standing on the steps and shined the flashlight in the nearest tree to see how bad the wind was blowing the limbs when this orb shot out the woods from down back I guess it was attracted to the light and it circled to the tree I was shining it in then it flew over towards me I’m standing on the steps staring at it it was only about six foot away but it was about the height of our roof top and it stopped and was hovering there while I watched it. I kinda got freeked and went to go in and it flew off when I did. I wasn’t drunk or high as some people might insinuate if you tell them this. I’ve never really tried to attract the orb again mainly bc of the unknown and watching to many horror flicks.

  • Kat Fox

    A few months back I started noticing what at the time I believed had to be some kind of drone. It didn’t take long for me to come to the realization that there was a better chance that what ever it was I was seeing was something either paranormal or not of this planet as apposed to a drone when I started noticing multiples;always in the same location, always at the same times. It wouldn’t matter if I went outside to my back porch to smoke a cigarette at 11pm or 4am “it” or “they” were ALWAYS there. So I knew there was no way that there was no just one weirdo there would have to be AT LEAST 3 to be able to fly and navigate the drones but also them always being there no matter what time of night I went out..I knew there was no way a human or humans were behind what I was witnessing. They were white lights about the size of a softball, I’d see 1-4 of them back in the same corner exact same location always. I could feel them watching me, the main one(the one always in the middle, always there, and would some what enter act with me) sometimes as I’d sit there staring, watching it watch me it would slowly float/glide through the sky towards me. From my back porch to where I always saw them is about 100ft give or take and when it would come towards me it would get as close as about 20 ft. I have bad eye site but any time I’d get up to get a closer look it would swiftly glide through the air backward the way it came and float up disappearing into the darkness off tree branches, I could hear as Branch’s and leaves ruffled as it passed through them. I witnessed it/them EVERY single time I went out to smoke anytime after dark weather it 10pm or 5am, for at least 2 1/2 months. I even left town for a couple weeks and came back and they were still there. It wasn’t until I moved out of town for a month and came back and they were gone, never to be seen again. I’ve never made sense of what I was seeing I just Kno whatever it was it was intelligent, able to communicate, and I could feel the sensation of being watched when it was watching me. Had anyone else had an experience similar? This occurred during the late fall of 2018

  • judith mawyer

    Jan.21,2019 was walking my little dog around 7pm the moon was so bright I decided to take a picture and as doing so I saw agreen/blueish small ball in the sky rightclose to the moon it was jumping around so fast as I was trying to capture it as it was trying to say no but then stoped I quickly snapped the picture then as I went to take another it. Moved below the moon.i quickly continued to walk my dog looking back up into the sky it was just sitting there I felt like it. Was watching me I went inside to tell my cousin and her husband but they joked and laughed at me I’ve never seen this before,I’ve been praying a lot for a sign from God in reference to my mom who passed in 2015 she knew my favorite color is green I want to believe she was trying to reach me . I wish I would of stayed out longer maybe I would of experienced a answer to my prayers if was a beautiful feeling..

    • Rocc

      Smfh I went threw the same exact shit 3 years ago,people thought I was crazy I also got footage I don’t even wanna go into detail cause I’m really tripping now seeing I’m not the only one

  • Dakota

    About five or six years ago….I went out onto my porch (living in the country) to look at the night sky, which I would often do. I was out there for less than a minute when a white orb lit up from the pine trees across the road. It was immediately followed by HUNDREDS of blue orbs simultaneously lighting up through the trees the whole way down the road (of what was visible, at least, which was several hundred yards). The orbs seemed intelligent and gentle, and the white one seemed to be the “leader,” as it was the first to light and the first to disappear. The others would do as it had done directly afterward. They would light up and stay lit for a few seconds, almost as though they were emitting some sort of energy, and then they would dim and disappear. They did this several times over the span of 20-30 minutes. I called my brother and parents outside & the orbs disappeared for about thirty seconds but just as my family was about to go inside, the white orb lit up again, followed by the hundreds of blue orbs. The continued their cycle of repeatedly glowing and disappearing. My parents and I decided to walk across the yard and road & we stood directly under the white orb. It continued it’s glowing/disappearing cycle but at a slower rate. The blue orbs did not follow it now (they disappeared for good after we walked up). The white orb was on a pine tree branch maybe two-three feet above our heads. There was no object where it was located, no insect or anything. It was simply an unexplained, but very intelligent orb of light emitting a strange energy? (I don’t really know how to explain it.) After we walked away, the white orb disappeared and did not light again. The next night, I saw the white orb alone, moved to a different tree. It lit up a few times, almost as if it were trying to communicate with me. I haven’t seen white or blue orbs since. I’ve encountered a large orange orb flying before, and my brother and his friends have encountered a large red orb that flew down to them and then back to the sky. Last year, I witnessed a different white orb in Gettysburg, PA that was flying very erratically through the air and the old battlefield. It didn’t emit the same “energy” as the white orb from before though…and it seemed more “confused” than intelligent, if that makes sense. But the “parade” or blue orbs led by the white orb was by-far the most amazing experience I’ve had with orbs.

    • Mary

      Aloha Miriam,
      This is the first article I have found, that really explains what I saw. In 1992 I was living in Las Vegas. I was pregnant it was about 8pm ( it was dark outside). My friend and I were coming back from a Lamaze class and we were stopped at an intersection on Nellis Blvd. there was a car also stopped on the passenger side where I was sitting.
      All of a sudden this clear blue glowing orb came floating down in front of the windshield ( so it was like 2 feet in front of us) it just hovered there for maybe a minute or less, then shot straight up, turned and shot over a bunch of trees. It was so weird that my friend was like, “ what was that, what was it doing?” It was about softball size., I told her I think it was taking pictures of us and sending it to the mother ship…. lol. It freaked her out and the ppl in the next car obviously didn’t see it, they were listening to music and singing. But it intrigued me and I still wonder to this day, what it was and what it was doing.

    • Michelle.T

      Im in kelowna, BC and a few months ago (summer 2018) I almost touched one of these.
      It was at night that my daughter first saw the red light slowly moving in the sky. I Jwas elated as Id been trying to project my thoughts to try and contact ‘Aliens’ for a couple days prior.
      I started reaching out to this light telepathically as it moved away from us. Asking it to come to me. It stopped dead in its tracks and began moving in our direction! My daughter (19) followed me as it followed US to a park field by our apartment. I did not stop the mental dialect at any point. I sat down in the most open area at the very center of the field…. and it stopped directly above us, about 30 feet up. At this point i was filled with excitement and was verbally thanking its visit and letting it know that I acknowledged it and meant it no harm. I said “Please come down to me.” And it began descending quickly. My daughter was terrified. Repeating OMG MOM WHAT IS IT!! I told her not to be afraid. As it engulfed my senses with its feeling and I somehow KNEW it was not dangerous. It floated in a side to side motion getting closer. It moved like a fish. A red softball sized sphere with a very ALIVE plasma center or soul. It was very timid yet curious. It stopped at eye level about five feet in front of us.
      My daughter was huddled into me and freaking out. I told her I wanted to touch it. So I asked it to come to me…and in that instant it started moving directly at us! My daughter screamed and jumped up and the orb stopped at just about arms length. It seemed startled and began rising quickly. We watched it move extremely fast toward town and dissapear behind a mountain.
      I have wished all my life for such an experience and very honored to have my open minded daughter to bear witness. What I took away from it was a very strong feeling that if you touch these orbs you will get a download of energy transfer. The orb kept relaying an ALIEN PET vibe. This is first time I am revealing our experience online. Just didnt feel right until now. Not kidding…im waiting for the M.I.B to show up.
      When you see them, get rid of your ego and fear and talk to them. They are surveying and curious. They want interaction!!

  • trndsk

    I Will NEVER forget the thing i saw that day, i saw a SILVER orb, reflecting the light from the sunset behind my back, this thing.. floated for a considerable amount of time on the east side of the biggest mountain you can see from the place i live. 1 year prior to that incident, a commercial airline aircraft of the company “HELIOS” had crashed not too far away from that place.. probably 10-15 km away, from the other side of the mountain (not visible from my point of view.. but DAMN! that thing was WEIRD! it just floated, it didn’t move, it didn’t ascend or descend, it just stayed there.. and i was so SHOOK that i couldn’t take my eyes off of it, it’s radius had to be around 50 meters, judging from the place i was sitting..
    Weirdest thing about it was not the orb.. i was captivated, but the weirdest thing happened later. i could hear F16s flying from behind me, (there is a military aircraft base 80 km away from me)
    Once i heard the F16s, i saw the orb moving.. it moved east for a second or two, and then west to an UNIMAGINABLE speed! the F16s went to the exact place the orb was, circled around the mountain, around the very spot, and headed west also so they can turn back to the base.
    I stayed to see if these were gonna fly at the same speed that thing flew.. they did not! that thing was moving like 30x the speed of the aircrafts.. and it is SO WEIRD! because if it really WERE flying that fast, i should have heard AT LEAST a sonic boom.. But it was silent.. COMPLETELY silent..
    The F16s’ speed was

    • Maurice Middleton

      Thanks I’ve seen these base ball Orbs in Mt Vernon N. Y. Westchester County. Once time I’ve seen them 2 they were emitting white light energy the orbs were Silver. I wonders why am I having these experiences.I being the first in the group that would see them
      Second time just silver metallic two of them one following the other and if it went higher into the skies you wouldn’t probably be able to see it because they blend in with the daytime at a certain height. I have had other experiences with UFOs ships but I always wondered about the metallic ball silver but my question is all those balls have drivers?

  • michael

    6 years ago I was building a fence and took a break is turned colder so I looked up to see if it looked like rain and out of a cloud was a huge sphere then within about 4 seconds another one followed it out in the open ,the first one in a clock wise direction rotated around the second sphere about 10 times I cant be sure it was so fast ,it stopped touched then reversed direction another 10 or so times they touched again and both reversed into the cloud ,I have tried and tried to get answers all I want to know was it Alien Technology or what else ,thanks.

  • Ricky ramos

    I seen a red one a few years from today in Ohio following the vehicle I was passanger seat, o looked up in the sky like I always do and there it was a red one the size of a softball, not too far up above the streetlight, I told the driver to look and she saw it too, then I told her to pull over we got out and it stopped like it was looking at us and us back at it, then after a few seconds it shot out at a high speed in space till it got smaller and smaller

  • Chris

    So I saw this thing last November or December… It was a fairly warm winter night if I remember right, I was driving home down a long stretch of dark road in the middle of a small town in Central IL, US. I’ve driven the road many times, it leads from the main Rt. 6 road into a large collection of subdivisions.

    Anyway, I’m traveling down doing 40mph or so, and I all of a sudden barely catch a glimpse of this dark blue-ish softball sized object sort of flying slowly through the air. The odd thing was that this orb was BARELY visible. Like I’m not sure most people would notice it if they weren’t paying attention, it was just ever so slightly lit from within. Looked almost like a pattern inside, or maybe electricity? I really don’t know it was so hard to see, but it was so low. If I would have gotten out of my car and stood on it I would have been able to touch it.

    It slowly crossed over the road, and I slowed down to like idle basically and watched it as I passed and it slowly gained altitude while headed in a northern direction.

    Anyway, that was what I saw. And I’m always sort of looking for anything to see. I wish I knew what it was or that it would lead to something else, but as of now that’s it that I can remember. I have some weird memories from growing up I wish I could experience over with an adult mind, but I don’t want to write a book here. Thanks for the site.

    • Michael Echon

      Saw one in Mentor, Ohio just recently (10/25/18) at approximately 4:45 pm while driving. It moved fast after I spotted it

  • Tina

    In 2014 in Missouri a myself and a friend where in the back yard relaxing waiting for nightfall the day after the 4th of July when we noticed a red orb moving across the sky just over my house and when we moved closer to investigate what it was it picked up speed and was gone in seconds, not moving upwards but laterally along the land as we rounded my house. At the time I had a small house so it didn’t take long to get around it. It was gone within seconds. To this day we still aren’t sure what it was.

  • Lynn r

    Also I’d like to add that I have seen ball lightning ( looked directly at it and had welders flash for a couple of weeks) this was NOT ball lightning , also looked army it as long as the other one for sure and I didn’t get welders flash

  • Lynn

    I feel like this site has more “ normal “ people on it, not highly dramatized versions of the events , so I’m going to say what happened last night on here in hopes of some enlightenment. Last night I was laying in my bed ( for full disclosure , I was upset about some extended family problems) said a heartfelt prayer , and started to try to fall asleep , and as I was closing my eyes a light caught my eye ( I face the door to sleep) it came through the upper part of the door , it was pretty fast , as I turned to look at it , it slowed right down and it felt as if it was “looking” at me . I didn’t see any eyes or anything. It was the size of a fast ball and it was white with an “ electricity “ glowing around it in a very deep blue , maybe royal blue or navy blue . Some how after seeing that , within a few seconds I fell asleep !?

    • miriam

      Lynn, If you go to my book page you can download my book for FREE. I think you will find it interesting and possibly even helpful.

      • B

        I have them over my housr every night. I ask them to come closer and they do. Not sure at all what they are but they can hear thoughts.

  • David

    I saw 1 black sphere or orb traveling northeast to southwest at the speed of small private aircraft. I looked smooth dull black and the size of a softball. It must of been bigger than a softball because it was further away in the sky. It traveled perfectly straight on a constant path. Same speed no change in direction except the course it was taking. Moments later another one followed the exact path as the first one. Then they were both gone from sight. This happened last summer of 2017 in Shakopee MN. I recently Google searched what I saw and it took me to video’s showing the exact same thing I had witnessed.

  • Francois

    I see tiny orbs that float downwards behind (what appears to be) clouds, as the light fades. I don’t see them in the sky, I see them when I lay down in bed trying to fall asleep. It usually happens when my eyes are barely closed. I see them when my eyes are closed, barely closed, or open. I’m trying to figure out what it is.

    • Lynn

      I have been searching the Internet for information about what you speak of. I have a photo of two black orbs that I saw a couple months ago in northeast pa. It was around 5:20 am, three black orbs moving east to west. For a moment one stopped and the inner par of the orb was spinning, it looked like it was scanning the surroundings. I showed photo to multiple people, but they all thought I was nuts. I would love to share photo with you to see if it’s what you saw.

  • Roxanne Loper

    I have seen bright red, green,blue and orange all out side in my yard moving like a school of fish..moving with intent around my meter box. I watched them for about 5minutes.they were about 8ft off the ground.When they left they moved off into the woods . Their movement was like a school of fish. My neighbors have them on video. We live in a very remote area not many people. Now we have some new neighbors we all live about half mile apart and he is seeing them. He is kinda freaked out by what he seen…My neighbors who videoed them wanted to show the new neighbor the video and they said he didn’t want to see it. What are they they look solid and glow bright..and yes they were soft ball in size . I am surprised to read all this about them I thought we were the only ones who have seen them.

    • Michelle

      Me and my boyfriend at the time had got into an argument and I packed my bags and took them to my sisters house. Night came and my boyfriend called, and so I went outside. On the back of my sisters house, it was dark and I was the only outside. I walked around a bit, thinking if I should call him back or not. I stood still and looked up into the might sky and I saw four really bright orange/gold orbs twirling, flying, and hoovering in the air. One kept flying fast to the right and the back into formation. And one of them kept doing strange and irregular loops. Then four went away but the appeared again. I tried really hard to get it on camera. For some reason I wasn’t afraid but I knew what I was seeing was not fireworks, or helicopters. It was unexplainable, and I know what I was seeing. I saw them. My family and boyfriend never believed me. But I know what I saw and it was unearthly. Alabama.

  • Bruno

    One day at night, i have see a blue orb on sky, about 1000meters at max, big like a heli or a car, fast speed, appear and dissapear, vision of 1 second. Our eye cant see extremely fast speed objects, soo i think that i only see the 1 second move when the object are at “low” speed.

    The universe is crazy (for good), and God is the master!

    • P

      Me and my wife left a friend’s house to go home. It was late at night, while driving on the road we saw what appeared to be a bright green light (not transparent, couldn’t see thru it) about the size of a baseball hovering over the trees and above our car as we passed it. It moves all kinds of direction in that short period that we saw it then all of a sudden it moved up and disappeared. This was a few years back but I always wanted to know what it was. Glad I found these info now I can tell my wife it wasn’t a “GHOST” as she was frightened by it. — from Alabama

  • kendrick mcdonlad

    wow, one time i was out back of my house peeing the house full of friends i ran out back Excuse my speech. suddenly! appear this huge bright light out of the sky. it seem to be about a mile away. here is a red and white plane from the front of me over a big church that sits across the street from my house, and to my right big sun is setting, low and behold!!!! to my left is this light but its moving so fast from about well looks like about two miles away(i think). So its moving in a Z type motion as if its going away but its coming towards me so i’m losing it in my head trying to fix my self self up i’m super nerves. Just to say i do think there is other life out there some where yes i will stand on that. i never thought one day i would come that close to something not of this world rather more older to this world then we are but, i’m getting nerves so, in my head i’m looking at it and i’m talking to my self like i new y’all show up one day. tripping! so as it got super close to me like 20 feet above me about the hight of a tree not that tall of a tree just a nice size tree not to tall not to small. here it is i began to get really weak about to fall as i look at this light and as soon as i’m moving to go to the door the light go off broad day light its 4- 5:00 in the afternoon Columbia SC Richland county it looked like a silvery orb really big orb i’m weak but i grab hold on to the door about to call some one to come see i look back in less then 5 seconds and it was gone world i thought i was gone i kid you not i never felt that way in my life that was like a sucking pulling me i really didn’t know what i was seeing and tell this day i seen lights move very crazy in the sky. this one day was the first time i saw this and man, it was noooo drone, or gov, or toy. big plan to my front coming my way, big sun to the right of me setting, and this thing was as big as a house but round and i kid you it was the color of a brand new nickle i hope some one feel me in on what i really saw i think i almost got abducted i’m a African american/ native american mix African American, American. not so good side of town but its the center of the city i was so shock and i’m still in shock tell this day 4/2/2018 the day i saw that light was maybe in the middle of 2017 maybe around may can’t remember the exact day but any one say where not alone i will agree.

    where not alone people treat each other right everyone. other living beings are and been here from space as well as where here too. who are they. ufo’s are angles as the bible talk about. idk maybe our long lost family that the south american and Egyptions was doing leaving earth to return later

  • Ortega

    A couple of years ago I have seen the red orbs following me in my vehicle on several occasions. These were recorded with my mini pocket cams that was in the cup holder but the lens was pointing outwards towards the window. This happened between Waynesboro, PA and Hagerstown, MD. The orbs were the size of a hardball and would zoom past my passengers side window. They were blue put emitted a bright white glow as they fly pass by car window. Sometimes they would reverse direction and disappear from my lens view. I also accidently video a red orb just outside Roy Rogers in Hagerstown Md which was also recorded on my mini cam that I had in my pocket, I was heading to Roy Rogers to a covert assignment.

  • anonymous

    Several years ago I was living in a two story cabin along the coast of Maine next to a field. It was winter and it was night and I was with my then girlfriend and partner. I looked out our second story bedroom window and saw in the field next to our cabin a glowing orange orb larger than a basketball floating mostly in place about 15 feet above the ground. It appeared to occasionally move slightly side to side. It was less than 30 yards from our cabin.
    There was no storm or noticeable lightning in the area.
    After taking a few moments to try and understand what I was seeing I asked my partner to look out the window and tell me what she saw.
    She immediately saw exactly what I was seeing and described it as such.
    I moved to different windows of the house to see it from other angles.
    This did not do much beyond further confirming for me that it was spherical in shape.
    When I came back to my girlfriend she was no longer looking at it through the window and was clearly scared.
    I admit that I was anxious myself and drew the curtain mostly closed, leaving a small space open to keep an eye on it.
    I asked my girlfriend if she thought I should go outside to get a closer look.
    In response she tightly gripped my arm and gave a definitive “no”, telling me not to leave her alone in the house.
    If she had encouraged me to go outside I might have gotten the courage up to approach the sphere but I didn’t want to panic her by leaving her alone in the house against her request.
    I knew there was no point in even asking her if she wanted to go outside to investigate it with me.
    This was before I had given in to getting a smartphone and unfortunately we had no camera available to take a photo.
    The orb stuck around for at least ten more minutes changing elevation by a few feet several times but always staying in the same general spot. It eventually moved directly away from the cabin and disappeared into the woods on the other side of the field.

    To give a little background on the type of observer I am I do not disbelieve or believe in aliens (as this website’s author clearly does), have what I consider to be a healthy degree of skepticism as well as an open mind, and a science degree. I am not a scientist having gone into another line of work.

    From what I have read online glowing orbs of light in various colors and sizes seen anywhere from ground level and just a few feet away to orbs seen miles away high up in the sky are the most widely reported and best documented unexplained phenomena in the world. They are well documented in modern times and reports of their appearance stretch as far back as recorded history, with the oldest potential reports being a part of the folklore of various cultures around the world.
    Several governments and many scientists have attempted to study them. According to the information available to the public none of them have come up with any answers beyond acknowledging that they clearly exist.
    Some of these sightings have been definitely explained as car head lights, understood optical illusions, aircraft, missiles, etc.
    However many well documented sightings, some with photographic evidence and some with multiple credible witnesses, have defied any explanation.
    And while it may be difficult to judge the nature of something far away in the sky, when there is a glowing orb of light near ground level in close proximity to you it/they are clearly not originating from aircraft or car headlights or any other commonly understood source.

    Using the logic of Occam’s Razor the most plausible explanation would be that of a natural phenomena which is yet to be understood. From What I have read scientists have proposed many theories but there is no evidence definitively pointing to any one particular theory and while scientist can cause lights of various sizes and colors to appear in the air for short periods of time through several different methods no scientist has been able to replicate the phenomena in the lab as seen and documented in the field.

    Given how often these things are seen by multiple and credible witnesses, often up close and often documented , it really is amazing that we still have no compelling scientific explanation.

    A great mystery.

    • miriam

      Thank you for sharing your profound experience. I always suggest to people that in any case of seeing something unusual we need to look for logical answers first. After that, it must be the observer that makes the final decision as to what they saw to keep integrity of what they saw untouched by speculation. My question to you would be; did you and/or your girlfriend change in any way your perceptions of the world after the experience? Did either of you make big changes in your life shortly after the experience? These traits are a pattern that often takes place after such an event. Thank you for sharing with us. Miriam

      • Linda

        Your response was intelligently written so I wanted to give my experience on your site. Three summers ago, while sitting in my backyard, I saw a black ball floating steadily and quietly above bird level and below small aiircraft level. No openings or anything on it, and it slowly went behind the tall trees to the east. Again the next day, saw it again around five pm. Nothing seen again for weeks, till around 8pm from my patio, I saw a bright round orange glow, thinking it to be an aircraft light. It approached slowly and quietly above the trees from the east. My husband and I watched it for maybe a minute till it suddenly turned into that black ball and headed back east. Amazing!

  • Hazel

    I recently saw a orb about the size of a softball. I was outside sitting on a bench when something was in my peripheral vision. I looked up and it was a orb flying inches above my roof which is not real high. Then, it flew up into the sky and disappeared. I was shocked. I’m curious as to what I saw. I can’t remember if it had any colors but I do remember it was like a ball of light. I was so close to me.

  • wayne j

    hi im in alberta canada and ive got a couple pictures i took one night,,those red orbs were very cose to me,,when you zoom in,you can see that they are not even round,,if you see my pictures you would see what i mean,,i even have video from the same night

  • Jessica Kannapel

    All my life I have wanted answers to something I saw when I was 16. I was standing outside of my house in a small town rural area getting our family dog. I then saw these 3 Balls. At that time it was the only way I can describe it (Balls). The first Orb was the size of a Big Softball, the second was the size of a regular softball, and the third Orb was the size of a baseball. You could not see through them as they seemed solid. They all three was this beautiful color. It was multiple colors like a whit pearl having the blue, pink, and so tints to it when you look at it. But it wasn’t white though. It was colorful and this is the best way I can describe the way it looked. Back then we didn’t have cell phones attached to our hips. I was home alone and only told my family what I saw. Knowing no one would believe me if I told. But all three orbs were lined up one behind the other. Largest in front to smallest in the back. They were so close to me that they were at the height of the power line poles near my home. We had woods surrounding our home and these orbs where traveling like a shooting star but much slower. You could clearly tell there was control. But they disappeared into the woods like a shooting star would from eye sight. It appeared to have landed into the woods to me but I do not know for certain. A huge part of me wanted to go into the woods to find out what this was and then a dark feeling came over me telling me that is not a smart idea to do alone. Obviously not smart but my curiosity wanted to know naturally. To this day I have no answers. So far this website is the closet I have come to some sort of an explanation. However, the colors you stated was not what I had seen and the orbs you saw sound more like a light and not solid. Do you have any idea what I am talking about? Or can help lead me in the right direction? I have longed to see something like this again in my lifetime or a ufo or answers but that is the only time.

    • Jessica K

      I should add that this was In small town USA Smith County Tennessee. It happened 12 years ago in 2006. I would say it was before evening came. Around 6-7pm because I remembered that it was getting close to being dark soon but not quite during the summer. It would get dark around 8pm at that time.

    • miriam

      There are what I call ‘star’ orbs as well as solid orbs that look silverish in color, baseball sized. Some have different colors like, red, blue, yellow. green, silver. These are the ones I know of.

    • John Sawvell

      I had the exact experience but it was many years ago. I was 4 years old and played by myself in my grandmothers front yard. I was a very curious child and one day I starred at the sky and noticed a tiny small dot in a bright blue sky. I watched it and then got bored and went back to playing with my toy trucks. The next day playing in the same spot under a tree I looked up in the sky and the dot on the sky looked a little bigger but still tiny. I began to get interested and just watched it. I was four and felt it was normal to see such an object. The third day I was hooked. I went to the yard and looked for it. There it was waiting for me even closer. Well the fourth day it was across the street above the power lines. I could see it but it was small like a baseball. Just sat there not moving. The fifth day It came closer to my grandmothers driveway about eight feet above me. I could see it clearly. Let me describe it.
      It was clear like a bubble yet you could not see through it. like it had layers but it was moving as to shift on occassion reacting to me. I felt calm and happy reacting with it. It was communicating on a sub conscious level
      changing and moving the layers of the sphere shifting and connecting with me. It came to me for three more days and came so close I could almost touch it. I fell in love with it. I felt excited and happy to see it. Sonething in me changed.
      my mind was awaked to all things. I knew
      well I got so excited I wanted to share what I had found and something inside of me said no
      I went and got him anyway. When I came back to the driveway it was gone. After he left I sat back down on the driveway sad. I looked up and there it was. well in the next few days it would not come closer and only near power lines. It left as it had come. I know it was real because a child cannot imagine what has not been seen from experince. All I know it changed my life. So you saw it two
      your very lucky to be chosen.

  • Katt

    Hi 🙂 A few years back maybe 2015 I was riding my bike around my neighborhood, and as I was nearing this small park within the neighborhood in Newport News, Va, USA. I saw something falling very fast in the sky up in front of me. At first I though it was a bird, but couldn’t quite make it out until i got closer to it. It looked like a round , silver metal ball, about the size of a soft ball. It had swooped in fast and then it was completly still in its postition about the road ( aprox 15-20 feet from the ground) slightly near the corner . It had no sound, it was completly smooth. i just couldn’t figure out what it was. At first I thought it might be some kind of new drone, and I wanted to get a closer look. As I rounded the circle around the play area of the park, I kept a close eye on it, as I went in to try to get a closer look…I was still perplexed. Then it just disappeared. I thought I was losing it…but I rode back and forth and thought maybe it went in the trees, nothing. So frieky. After this recent stuff in the news, I thought, I might google this -round silver ball ufo, and your page came up. Interesting stuff.

    • miriam

      Many people see this type of ‘ufo’. I have seen them a few times myself and have received emails from people all over the world that report the same experience as you have here. Thank you for sharing with us! Miriam

  • Paulo Trejo

    Back in August 2011, as I was about to get into my girlfriends car at a Jack in the Box parking lot, something made me turn around and as I looked I saw a fleet of blue orbs. There was at least 30 of them moving uniformly in the sky. Oddly some would separate and meet in the center of the fleet and form shapes, I saw them form a triangle, spin in unisom, and then separate as another group would meet in the middle to form a square. I was shaking while my girlfriend was awestruck. A year later in August 2012 we found out she was pregnant with my son. These orbs had a glow to them, similar to the Aurora Borealis but in white

  • Kenneth Chambers

    My nephew and I were camped at Glass Buttes, Oregon and were star gazing about 10 P.M. when we saw two blue floating orbs about 100 feet away They were about the size of a cantaloupe and about a foot apart and parallel to the ground, and they moved as if connected, always staying parallel to the ground.. They appeared to be mapping an area about 15 feet square. They moved one direction then would rise 6 inches and start moving 90 degrees to the angle they were just moving. We shined our LED lights on them and they stopped immediately and rose to about three feet above the ground and slowly came directly towards us. I said, “you know they are coming this way don’t you”, at which time he ran and jumped in his truck and peaked up over the window ledge. Being a Viet Nam veteran I stood my ground and fired my .45 auto pistol into the ground beside me. The orbs stopped moving and there was no sound at all. I watched for about another ten minutes and was ready to crawl in the back of my truck and go to bed. We had camped at the Steens Mtns for several days and then drove straight to Glass Buttes so this old man was ready to sleep. My nephew was still scared and watched them until daybreak at which time he said they slowly moved away in the same searching pattern. I told him we had the privilege of seeing aliens in action. He did not believe what we had seen were aliens and was out looking for footprints prints in the loose desert soil. None were to be found other than the ones he was leaving. That was very cool and I will be returning the that place when the weather warms and I can traverse the roads without tearing up the dirt/mud roads or getting stuck and having to deploy the winch and anchors to get out. I do hope they will allow me to view them again. This time I will think to take some video footage so my wife can see them. Very cool indeed.

  • Kim

    Just today I saw a blackish grey orb across my street with a ray of light coming from it. It was only fourteen feet from the ground with a thin white clear light hitting the ground. I was stunned !! What color does the grayish black orb mean with a white like laser light coming from it ? Anyone !?

    • Tony Morris

      I always see basketball size yellow ones flying in straight control appears out of nowhere most times solid in form too just like you said Akron Ohio Chapel Hill area

  • Sandy

    About 8 yrs ago I was up around 2 am with my infant son. As I rocked him in our living room recliner, I noticed a large yellow clear orb across the road through the trees (there is a farm field on the other side). Out of this orb came out 3 or 4 smaller same colored lights. They danced around the bigger light not in any uniform state. Then all of a sudden the larger orb started to pulsate and the smaller lights disappeared into the larger orb. The larger light grew brighter and then it just went out. I will say I was so scarred that I couldn’t move. I had goose bumps and still to this day it still gives me the willies. Has anyone else ever experienced this?

  • Flora

    Anyone have any info about white or yellowish orbs? There was one like 5-10 meters above my head, I freaked out when I saw it (I was relaxing until I noticed that it got brighter and brighter) ….

  • Ashley N Smith

    I saw it this morning before leaving work at 5:20am i thought I was tripping

  • dirkje-jannetje [DILLY] HOFMANS

    We looked at the moon last night and saw a blue orb it felt calm and peace full .

  • Sandra scolding

    I saw two together years ago ,I had to pinch myself ,they just passed right above me ,they were the same as the back ground but you could see they were perfect round and made no noise ,what are they ?.

  • lin

    I see the same orbs almost every morning. One is very very bright. It appeArs in the distance every clear morning around 3:45am and travels in my direction and hovers a bit once close.
    It looks like a bright white light in the sky to naked eyes but thru binoculars it is an orb or ball with multicolored currents like lightning inside. I dont mention it but im intrigued to say the. Least

  • Ka Vang

    I have came in contact with a green orb, back in March or April of 2016. It was around 8:48 am to almost 9:00 am. I barely woke up n I have went for a walk around the block and just walked into my kitchen which was in the back of my apt. I had kept the screen door open for fresh air, n when I went to try n go out to the back yard, it started pouring rain, but a soft short falling rain. I’ve noticed the bright sun which was a very white light not yellow. Then I felt a sense of breeze come onto me guiding me to look up in the sky. So I did. Right then I have seen 2 orbs floating constantly up and up moving towards the sun. I didn’t know what it was at first n I didn’t know how to feel but amazed n I grabbed my phone n started taking pictures but I couldn’t so I video recording it. It was very beautiful. It was a green color orb. The first one reached the rays of the sun light and disappeared. Then the second one took ahold of me and the message that I’ve seen was a ‘jesus’ image that was formed from the sun. He had his arms down n hands open up reaching out the world. Now what I received as a message was that our earth is destroyed in damaged in so many ways. I have seen a number 40 or 400. So I’m saying it’s probably years. That we need to love our home n take care of it. The time is now. There are damages that can’t be reversed or saved but if we come together n stop producing toxics n materials in life then we would not be of issues. “Give love, give life” that’s all that we need. There was more but I can’t type anymore from this phone. But that moment was peaceful n beautiful. I still have the pictures.

  • Belinda Mendoza

    Last night at about 8:30 p.m. I took a walk outside in my hometown in Penitas, Texas. It was already dark. It had rained earlier; some surrounding places around my hometown, for example,McAllen, Texas, had more rain than others. During my evening walk, the sky was cloudier in some areas than others. When during my walk, there was a think layer of clouds in front and almost above my head. The clouds were not even high. For some reason I even remember that cloud to be be too low. Suddenly I noticed a green round light coming towards my direction but above my head. This green round object looked like the size of a softball, maybe slightly bigger being that I was able to see it clearly round and green. I noticed the light was still visible even as it passed behind the thin layer of cloud that was above my head. I was able to keep my eyes fixed on it and follow it with my eyes as it floated straight across the path above my head when suddenly it came to a point where there was no more cloud coverage and almost immediately disappeared before my eyes. Its as if it knew it could no longer stay hidden and for that reason, made itself invisible to me. I kept looking and searching for it in the direction it was going in hopes of seeing it re-appear and allow me to determine what this round “ball-like” object was. I was in disbelief of what I had seen that had no explanation to what it was that I had just seen. When I was done with my walk last night, I explained to my husband what I had just seen. My husband tried to dismiss what I had seen in an explanation to what he believed it could’ve been a meteor. I told him that it was in NO WAY a meteor what I had seen floating in the sky so close in height to me.

  • Allreadbeach

    Thank you for sharing, I agree that it is important to ask yourself what do you feel and sense in these encounters. Last night I dreamt of floating black orbs in the sky and when I asked in the dream what they were… I was told black Saturn orbs. They looked to eclipse the sun at one point but as they came closer they were much smaller maybe the size of a soccer ball. They were ‘conscious’ it seemed. Fast moving and some of them in clusters. In the dream I had a sense to not spend too much time in their presence and ran in the house. I’ve never seen or heard of such a thing in waking life, could these be a real thing?

    • Connor Feudale

      Almost every time i look at the sky around 10 or a little before i see a very small blue orb. It moves smoothly, the way it moves is almost intelligent. Ive been trying to show my family members the orb and they all say the same thing “must be a satellite”. But to me it feels as if it is with me, its so hard to explain. Can someone please explain to me what this is. Thank you!

  • melissa

    What about a black orb. I saw one yesterday and im not sure why it was there.



    • Michelle

      Earlier this year around 4am me and my bestie witnessed seeing a black orb i was driving and i happened to notice a a black sphere and made a u turn while looking at it following it it kinda looked like it was following me i wanted to park and investigate but my bestie was scared anf then i was thinking maybe it would be a 🎈 over some new homes they just built on mast ave in santee ca the next day i went to check if it was a balloon and No Balloon. Creepy

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